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Posted: 9/17/2011 3:38:30 PM EST
Gents: Took my new Polish Underfolder to the range...Overland Industries kit build...groups were really tight w/ Wolf ammo....gun functioned flawlessy. Check weld takes some getting used to, but the gun is rock solid...now some questions:
1) What range to zero? I follow the 25/200 rule for my ARs...I think tad high at 50, on at 100 would be okay, thoughts?
2) Not a purist, so used the EO-Tech rear apeture sight....right now, groups are about an inch left of where they should be with the sight dialed all the way to the right....should I get a front sight tool and move it? If i do, it would seem like a good idea to move it enough to be able to bring the rear sight closer to to center? Thoughts?
3) Plinking around is the main purpose for this gun, but I am very pleased with its accuracy (and a little surprised)...I would consider a Red Dot or something like it, any reccemendations? Shotgun News had some options for optics, does the zero reall come back?
Thanks, I am really glad I bought this gun!
Link Posted: 9/30/2011 11:10:27 AM EST
A nicely built AK rifle can be a surprisingly good shooter. I was shocked the first time that I put an optic on one of mine.
To answer your questions-

1. My favorite zero is to do bulls-eye at 50. That way it will be a touch high at 100, and pretty close at 200. I think it is a versatile shooting zero, others will have their own varying opinions on this topic FYI.
2. If i were you I would order the front sight tool. I bought one myself and have used it to zero in all of my AKs. Try not to buy the Chinese cast version, but mine isn't the top dollar one either. Just remember that the front sight goes the opposite direction of where you want the POI to go on both vertical and horizontal ranges.
3. I have an Eotech 512 on one of my 5.45 rifles and it rocks. I am about to order a Primary Arms micro dot after shooting one of a friend's. It seems like a good economy optic and the quality really surprised me. As to returning to zero, that most likely depends on your method of mounting. Lots of people love the Ultimak forward rail. I don't have one myself, but I have a TWS Dogleg, and it seems to return pretty well.

Good luck!
Page AK-47 » Polish
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