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Posted: 1/9/2005 8:21:02 AM EDT
Ok, I've been researching this for a year or more and I still haven't come to any good conclusions.

1. Vulcan:
Lots of people like these. Trunnion holes are pre-drilled, which is certainly a time saver and for most, are in the right place. Nothing like having them in the wrong place however. Common complaint I've seen is that the ejectors are soft and peen easily and quickly. Finally, I've got an underfolder kit and the serial number is in the wrong location. Oh yeah, one other final. To get one you have to deal with Joekken or Vulcan and neither one has a stellar reputation for shipping and service.

2. OOW:
Quality is good overall. Receivers are a little long and the selector shows a gap when on safe. However, its considered to be pretty good. Potential problem is that OOW may be having business problems. I don't want to add to the rumor mill, but per other posts (and my own attempts) their website is down. Others have said that they are shut down but I don't know anyone who has tried calling them to get the real info. I hope they aren't out of business. I had heard that they were going to make a receiver that is truly in-spec.

3. Global Trades:
1.6mm instead of 1mm receivers. Not "mil-spec", but then none of the US mfg receivers are russian "mil-spec". Trunnions have to be narrowed, but Global will do that for a nominal charge. The mag well dimple is non-spec? I don't know what's up here. I like the idea of a receiver that's as stiff as a milled without the weight. Can't have too much accuracy.

Are there any other options out there for a bare receiver? Finding and buying a Hungarian, sacrificing my SAR-1, or other rifle donations are not one of the options I'm considering.

I am looking to get a good shooting rifle when I'm done. Are there other options I've overlooked?
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