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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 7/9/2003 11:44:47 AM EST
This is a variation on a question I've asked before.

I have a splendid old Polytech Legend which, back when I could see the iron sights, shoots 2.00 min all day long with standard commie ammo.

I can no longer see the iron sights very well. Keeping the limitations of the cartridge in mind, I'm inclined to go with a red dot sight. Problem is, rail mounting would involve drilling what has come to be a very valuable receiver.

Would you (A) Go ahead and drill the reciver for a rail mount.
(B) Go with a gas tube mount even though it gets kinda warm.
(C) ???

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

Link Posted: 7/9/2003 12:02:39 PM EST
Link Posted: 7/9/2003 12:25:24 PM EST
Ultimately, it's your gun and life is short, so do with it as you want. That being said, I would say if you could swing RotDorn's idea, that would be the best way to do it. Although you may lose some accuract, you maintain the integrity of the Polytech and have a new AK to play with!
Link Posted: 7/9/2003 12:26:21 PM EST
Preban Ak prices are largly ridiculus. I agree with Rotdorn. Sell it. Buy a sam7S with the side rail - it will shoot just as good or better, have a sidrail (so you can mount a Kobra) and you'll have lots of money for ammo, mags and maybe even a second AK. More Ak's is generally a good thing.
Link Posted: 7/9/2003 12:32:08 PM EST
Don't drill that one. Consider a peep to replace the rear leaf, a gas tube mount (Ultimak) or a rear dust cover mount. The dust cover mounts are so-so if you set the rear screws well, but zero is gone after every removal for cleaning.
Link Posted: 7/9/2003 12:32:56 PM EST
Normally I say NEVER sell a gun !
(especially to buy another gun).

But if you could sell it and get enough
to buy TWO AKs, that would be a Good Thing
Link Posted: 7/9/2003 2:13:54 PM EST
You could mount an Ultimak mount on the front without hurting the gun. CB
Link Posted: 7/9/2003 3:03:11 PM EST
Link Posted: 7/9/2003 4:59:26 PM EST
THe UltiMAK gas tube mount does get hot, but with the proper optic, this is not a concern.

However, your optimal red dot solution may be ACE's red dot mount which replaces the rear sight and contains a windage adjustable peep. Millet also makes a scope mount that replaces the rear sight (Though I feel it is inferior to the ACE).

Check out the ACE AKSMS at www.riflestocks.com
Link Posted: 7/9/2003 5:01:57 PM EST
Link Posted: 7/9/2003 5:35:51 PM EST
Thanks for the learned words, guys. You're the best. I obviously should spare the gun from the drill bit. I'm still stuck on the reality that I paid $265 for the gun originally. Obviously, that old reality doesn't coincide with the current one.
I will not sell the gun. It's just too damned good. Looks like I go with the Ultimak or the gizmo that replaces the rear sight.
I was within about 48 hours of doing something stupid and you guys saved the day.
Link Posted: 7/9/2003 6:01:57 PM EST
Link Posted: 7/9/2003 6:13:52 PM EST
If you ever want to get rid of it for $265, I'll be the first in line!
Link Posted: 7/9/2003 6:44:11 PM EST
i have seen AK mounts that are mounted on the trigger pin holes, means no drilling. i think FAC has them.
Link Posted: 7/9/2003 7:34:53 PM EST
Putting a scope mount on a legend is like putting wheels on Elvis!
Link Posted: 7/10/2003 3:01:32 AM EST
Link Posted: 7/10/2003 3:10:23 AM EST
Link Posted: 7/10/2003 3:57:14 AM EST
Link Posted: 7/10/2003 8:20:28 AM EST
Phoeey! I just checked Ace's website for the red dot gizmo that replaces the rear sight. They dont' have a picture and are out of stock until September. I don't mind waiting if it's really good merchandise. Anybody got a picture of this installation? How big (minutes) is the dot? What kind of batteries does it use?
If I decide to go with the Ultimak and a Kobra, who should I go to?
Thanks again, all.
Link Posted: 7/10/2003 5:43:02 PM EST
For the UltiMAK got to www.ultimak.com

For the Kobra, go to Tantal at tantal.kalashnikov.guns.ru/

My opinion is go with the UltiMAK. I have one and I love it!
Link Posted: 7/10/2003 5:53:26 PM EST
Link Posted: 7/10/2003 5:55:18 PM EST
Link Posted: 7/10/2003 6:04:01 PM EST
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Link Posted: 7/10/2003 6:14:50 PM EST
Link Posted: 7/10/2003 6:26:41 PM EST
Link Posted: 7/10/2003 7:19:10 PM EST

Originally Posted By Aimless:

Originally Posted By RotDorn:
.....don't worry Aimless, instead of college my kids are going to welding school!

My last hope is to marry rich, there must be some wealthy debutantes looking for chubby heavily armed guys who can act out "Heat" with hand puppets...

Let me know if she has a sister...
Link Posted: 7/11/2003 3:00:20 AM EST
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