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9/19/2017 7:27:10 PM
Posted: 12/13/2003 6:22:55 AM EDT
Hi, I'm wanting to get my 1st ak. Whats a good brand? Do all ak's use the same mags? The gun shop near me has a wasr ak for like 365.00. Stamped or milled receiver? Any advice appreciated.
Link Posted: 12/13/2003 6:31:27 AM EDT
I suggest the following:

First, Find a gun shop willing to accept a FFL out of state transfer for you. In WI this typically costs $35 on the HIGH END.

Second, Find the AK you want. I receive shotgun news and found my SAR 1 on www.gunsnammo.com I paid $309 shipped last week 12/5 for my SAR 1 (1 40rnd, 1 10rnd, sling, & cleaning kit. Very good deal. The SAR is an SAR. Needs work, but all sar1s do anyway.

Third, debate the price between buying that sar for $309 and having a work done it. Investment grade firearms @ 239.00 to trick it out.. You have about 550-600 invested. Now, You can buy the SEAK for 650?

Debate away, but the sar for 309.00 is impressive.

Link Posted: 12/13/2003 7:21:48 AM EDT
Link Posted: 12/13/2003 7:23:04 AM EDT
SAR is a great place to start. I wouldn't risk the WASR. I think FAC has the milled guns for a good price. If you want to spend alot[more] call Ohio Rapid Fire. I have had several milled guns and alot more stamped guns. Milled is overated. If milled was better then I doubt all countries that use AKs would issue stamped. Its lighter and cheaper and can take thousands and thousands of rounds in full auto. Remember an AK is not a show piece or a sniper rifle for 500yards. It is a tough and ruged gun to hit man sized targets.
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