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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 12/20/2003 8:26:59 AM EDT
Yesterday, I bought my first AK, a WASR that accepts regular magazines. Assuming it is legal now (It should be, I bought it from a reputable dealer), my hypothesis is that it is already 922(r) compliant.

I remember reading some BATF thing that said that an imported rifle fails the "sporting purposes" test and cannot be imported if it accepts a "large capacity military magazine" Therefore, for a high capacity magazine conversion to be legal, it has to become US made, with the requisite number of US parts.

This idea is confirmed on the Romanian AK page listed on the top of this forum. Under the listing for the WASR high cap model 1, it reads "This rifle has 10 Imported parts and 4 US parts...You can easily convert it to a pre-ban look by ordering the Romanian blonde butt stock and a US pistol from K-VAR. This will change your parts count to 10 imported parts and 5 US parts, which is legal."

My only reason to doubt this theory is that I got a response on the general AK forum that seemed to imply that the WASR High Cap had no US parts.

So my ultimate theory is this: Original, unmodified WASR-10 rifles, with the reduced capacity, single column magazines and Daragunov stocks passed the "sporting purpose" test. To make them more attractive to buyers, Century got the imported parts count down to 10 and milled out the magazine well, making the rifle US made because it would have failed the sporting test.

Any thoughts? I plan on getting a stock set (probably ironwood), which should put me well into clear territory (I doubt that the parts Century chose to replace are the stocks).
Link Posted: 12/20/2003 6:04:55 PM EDT
If ti started pistol grip, cheapest route is normally US pistol grip/gas piston/HTS. The HTS may show a C stamped on them for Century mfg. If yours started as a thumbhole stock, a full stock set and HTS are all you need (6parts) even if you add a muzzle brake.
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