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Posted: 10/11/2004 6:40:08 AM EDT

I just thought I would let you all know how my WASR-10 was shooting.

Once again, I didn't take any targets out to see exactly what kind of groups it was putting out, but the bullets were pretty much hitting where I aimed.

My friends and I went out hunting at 1:30pm central time. We didn't get done until 10:20pm. Actually, I guess you could say we were done before that, it was the trip back to my friend's house that took a bit of time.

We set up some old glass bottles on a dirt pile. The WASR-10 was putting the bullets right around where I aimed. I didn't hit all the bottles, though. I, in fact, missed quite abit. The WASR-10's sights were probably on target, it's just that I probably wasn't shooting correctly. ( operator error)

Later on in the day we went back out shooting, and I bagged two jack rabbits. One I hit on the first shot. Ripped the under skin(belly area) wide open; guts were hanging out, yet still intact, and seemed in perfect condition, except for the gaping hole.
The second one, it took about two or three shots, and I finally shot him in the hind quarters, shattered his left hind leg.

The two mags, ( the only ones that I had), that came with the rifle, functioned flawlessly. The thirty round magazine wobbles a bit more in the mag well than the twenty, but it's not something that I'll lose sleep over.

Now I have to go clean the birty bugger, since I passed out as soon as I sat on my bed. VERY long day. besides the normal carbon, and gasses making the rifle dirty, it was a bit breezy out there, and for some reason, the dirt that was blowing around seemed to like to stick to the finish on my WASR-10.

I was firing Wolf and Barnaul HP's.
I was wondering, since my first rabbit had such a large hole in him, does that mean that the Barnaul(the ammo I was using at the time) HP's open up like the should? I know that a few times, people have said that Wolf HP's almost acted like a FMJ, and didn't open up all that well, so I was just wondering if Barnaul was the same way, or if they actually open up, or mushroom like they should.

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