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Posted: 6/14/2004 12:54:29 PM EDT
Hi guys, due to the comparativly steep price of the SAR-1 I am considering purchasing a WASR-10. Besides the conversion factor, is their any other differences in the internal parts, particularly the bolt or internal rails? Also, the one I looked at in the local shop caused the guy behind the counter a hell of a time when I asked him to remove the mag. He had to bang the mag release with the butt of a screw driver to get it open. There was also a generous amount of mag wiggle compared to other AK's I have handled. How commmon are these problems? Thanks.
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Link Posted: 6/14/2004 9:44:24 PM EDT
the mag wiggle is very common but its not a big deal, in mine it seems that mags all fit a little different and i have found the ones that fit just right and those are the ones that i use the most.
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The price of WASR 10 hi cap seem to be getting high in the $375-450 range for that price I would look at getting a Polish underfolder from Ohio Rapid Fire for $500 or a Global Trades SSR-562 for $459, the WASR 10 high cap is a Badly finished basic AK nothing special Romanian Bulid The Polish Underfolder seem to be pretty popular right now, must have just imported a bunch.

And dont forget the one thing about the WASR 10, that nasty trigger slap there's nothing like shooting three hundred rounds while your finger is hurting like a bitch
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Link Posted: 6/15/2004 8:22:23 AM EDT
my WASR actually has a pretty tight mag well. too tight sometimes. the trigger isnt unpleasant to shoot fo ra logn time either.

but damn if that mag catch lever doesn't take a hammer to get loose every once and a while! is there any simple solution to that? i seem to recall seeing a "Tactical" mag release with a bigger lever that you could operate with your trigger finger. is that a viable solution for osmeone liek me with no mechanical talent at all?
Link Posted: 6/15/2004 8:45:50 AM EDT
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