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12/6/2019 7:27:02 PM
Posted: 12/8/2013 11:44:13 AM EST
Anybody else install one of these? VLTOR AKM/AKS Receiver Extension Adapter (Model # RE-47). I removed my planet of the apes wood stock and tried to install one this weekend. It was relatively simple. I had to carefully file part of the plastic dust guard to get it to fit in the reciever, but that only took a few minutes. The issue is:

The Single Line (-) dust plate doesn't quite fit all the way into the receiver. I would say the bottom part of the dust plate is 75% in and the top part is 25% of the way in. It covers the opening, but just doesn't sit all the way in. Instructions say it should fit all the way in the receiver. The issue seems to be the curved back of the rifle's mounting tang touches the curved rear of the receiver extenstion adapter before it can slide into the receiver far enough to allow the dust cover to fully sit inside it.

Another persion noted a similar issue which I new about going into the install so I was expecting this posibility:
They resolved it by grinding a little metal off the back of the rear of the stock mounting tang of the MAK. I figure I have 3 options. If there is any metal grinding, I would have an experienced gun smith do it.

1) Leave it as is. The dust cover does not sit fully in the receiver, which may take away some strength, but it does keep the dust out.
2) Have gun smith grind away some metal from the MAK-90 tang to allow the tube and dust cover to move inside the receiver more.
3) Have gun smith grind away some of the aluminum on the back curve of the stock tube where the rifle tang touches it to allow the tube and dust cover to move inside the reciver more. Do you think some type of black metal paint/oil can restore some black finish to the area?

Anybody come across this?
Link Posted: 12/11/2013 10:37:23 PM EST
If I follow correctly, I think what you are saying is the cutout in the VLTOR RE for the AK stock tang, is not deep enough to accept the full length of the tang on your MAK 90. This seems to be common with the Chinese AKs, the black polymer stock I replaced my MAK 90 thumbhole stock with had the same issue. My solution was to dremel out the cutout on the stock, rather than shorten the tang.
Link Posted: 12/12/2013 9:33:57 AM EST
I've got one on my MAK 90 right now and it fit fine with no need to modify. Making AK parts that are truly universal is next to impossible.
Link Posted: 12/12/2013 1:55:23 PM EST
Modify your $60 stock tube, not your $600 no longer imported factory chinese AK.
Link Posted: 12/12/2013 7:13:49 PM EST
The last comment made a lot of sense! I haven't done anything yet. May just try to shoot with it and see if the dust cover stays in place. Vltor said it was just there to cover the opening and prevent dust, not related to strength...so I don't have to get the perfect fit on it.
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