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Posted: 10/9/2004 3:24:05 PM EDT
I'm an AK newbie who's acquired a MAADI MISR S/A

I want to replace the PistolGrip, GasPiston, and Century FCG . I'd like to do a U.S. slant brake too, but haven't decided yet since the threads are turned. I've searched around and seen whats available from Tapco, Global, K-Var, RedStar, RPB , SKSParts and couple others found via Google. I have a couple of purchase questions.

-Are all gas pistons created equal? Is the $19 one as good as the $30 as the $40 or is the $40 just a marked up $19 piston?

-For the FCG, the options seem to be RedStar, FSE, and G2. The adjustable RedStar is a little over my budget, but everybody loves them that I've read. Are there other brands I should consider? How does the FSE and G2 compare? Are these really "drop-in" or do they often require a little grinding,smoothing, etc to get it right. I would be new to messing around with the internals and it makes me a bit nervous.

-Are there any sellers I should stay away from? Any other sellers I should look at?

Thanks much!
Link Posted: 10/9/2004 3:38:55 PM EDT
As far as I am concerned a gas piston is a gas piston. I've bought them from Tapco and K-VAR.

The RSA is expensive though I got mine from www.sportsmansguide.com/ when they carried them at a discount. I haven't installed it as I am saving it for a new gun.

The Tapco G2 is a good FCG that I have in 2 rifles and it can be bought from a member here in the equipment exchange for less than Tapco is currently selling for shipped. Scottgull
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