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11/20/2019 5:07:11 PM
Posted: 4/3/2006 6:04:51 PM EST
[Last Edit: 4/3/2006 6:06:33 PM EST by Morning_Wood]
Anyone ever notice tapco lower rails being too low?

Bent up a tapco flat today. Test fit the lower rails and trigger pins. The rails fit a good 1/10" below the trunnion. A 1/4" bit with almost enough room for another 1/8" bit fit between the top and lower rails. Anyone ever notice this before.This is the first tapco flat i have bent. Receiver dimensions are good and in spec. I held the rails upto a GT receiver and they were too low for it also.

I have several of these, all checked too low. Does anyone have a solution/workaround?
Link Posted: 4/3/2006 11:36:10 PM EST
Im not sure Im following you. Do you have any pics? Since you weld the lower rails in yourself I dont see where the problem is. I have used them for my builds with no issues.
Link Posted: 4/4/2006 12:42:53 AM EST
Don't use the alignment holes in the rails. Set the rails where they line up with the trunion. I usually slot the holes in the rails so they can move to where they need to be.
Link Posted: 4/4/2006 2:25:51 AM EST
Yea, Tapco has the rails wrong. I run into the same problem.

I just milled out the holes to make verticle slots so I could raise the rails until they were tight on the correct size drill bits to match up with the front trunnion lugs. It doesn't take much milling and once they are spot welded in place they aint going nowhere.

The Tapco flats have a few minor problems with them too. The trigger guard holes are too far forward (about 35-40 thousandths on mine) which made it impossible to lock in a mag with the front trunion in the proper place (flush with the front of the flat). I had to drill out my installed trigger guard rivets, mill the holes out to the rear a bit and reinstall to fit correctly.

The Tapco rails have the mag stabilizer only on the right side. You may need to trim it just slightly to keep your mag from being slightly canted.

Once Curtis @ www.ak-builder.com has his flats and rails made and ready for sale I will try his. In the meantime I will use up the Tapco flats. Curtis already has these neat little trigger guard plates for $4 which help you fit/test the trigger guard for proper mag lock-up, before you make it permanent with rivets.

Hope this helps.

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Link Posted: 4/4/2006 3:01:42 AM EST
Try www.nodakspud.com they have their own flats on there, not from TAPCO. I am goimg to try some of them next time I do some receivers.
Link Posted: 4/18/2006 3:56:48 AM EST

You were correct on each point you made. I just built one on my first tapco flat and encountered each problem you made mention of. I have several more so now i know what to expect.

As to the rails, I suppose each would be different. I think some of the difference in the lower rail holes lining up has to do with the jig used to bend the flat. On my first, to get the correct rail spacing i had to use a 1/4 drill with two layers of masking tape for perfection. This in turn lowered the holes a bit, which helped, but I still has to redrill the center support hole to about .160 and i had to worry the hammer pin hole with a dremel, but it actually made a pretty good receiver.
Link Posted: 4/18/2006 4:00:30 AM EST

Originally Posted By d10skeens:
Try www.nodakspud.com they have their own flats on there, not from TAPCO. I am goimg to try some of them next time I do some receivers.

I would love to try a NDS/DCI flat. But at $19 a pop, I can get two tapco flats and the tapco flats only need minor tweaking.
Link Posted: 4/18/2006 4:19:02 AM EST
[Last Edit: 4/18/2006 4:21:28 AM EST by getit]
get the flats w/o trunion holes......i just built one last night and w/ the front trunion even w/ the flat, mag fit w/ no filing or grinding

do all of u fit the front trunion in first then the rails?? that way u can make sure all is lined up

i have used all makes of flats...this is how i rate them....
1.curtis flats(ak builder)

so far all have made good rifles
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