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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 7/16/2003 12:46:00 PM EST
Ok...so may be my infatuation with AKs stems from an old memory of the B&W still of Jennifer Gray with her AKM as the credits rolled in Red Dawn. After watching the end of the DVD at a local gunshop I've come to that conclusion. But the question lingers....where can I get one of those Soviet Airborn jumpsuits from the beginning of the movie?

I've found myself a nice blue beret with Soviet insignia, but I cant find the "pixelated" pattern OD and white camo jumpsuits that the Russian troopers wore. Yeah, I know in the film they use some hollywood version, but I want the real stuff.

Any clues?

Link Posted: 7/16/2003 1:24:28 PM EST
i'd talk to tantal see what he can do and look on the internet
Link Posted: 7/16/2003 1:30:11 PM EST
Link Posted: 7/16/2003 1:54:17 PM EST
Link Posted: 7/16/2003 1:56:35 PM EST

RS39 just sent me a link to their web site the other day about comonaut (sp?) flight suits.

IIRC, they had some.

I have seen many at gun shows, and the Sportsmans guide has had them from time to time.
Link Posted: 7/16/2003 1:56:43 PM EST
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Link Posted: 7/16/2003 3:48:19 PM EST
Hrm... weren't the paratroopers at the beginning supposed to be the cuban troops? I recall them making comments about the speaking spanish. It's been awhile for me as well, though...

Link Posted: 7/16/2003 3:51:33 PM EST
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Link Posted: 7/16/2003 5:00:43 PM EST
Is this what you are looking for?

This is called the KLMK. Also know as "laser" camo. This used to be quite common, but now your going to pay big bucks for a new set. There is a similar pattern (I forget the name) which is made out of a burlap type material and is used as a disposable oversuit. If you wash it, the colors will bleed big time. This is what Sovietski sells. It is also more brown in color than the above KLMK camo suit.
Link Posted: 7/16/2003 5:13:50 PM EST
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Link Posted: 7/16/2003 5:37:20 PM EST
You guys are incredible. Yes, thats exactly the camo I was looking for. Not realy interested in the burlap overclothes, and as long as a set of that stuff isnt more than $200, I'm in.

The units that hit Calumet (been through there IRL) were crack Soviet Airborn that came in disgused as commercial airline flights, re-enforced by Cuban and Nicaraguan units. IIRC, the movie begins with the info that the wheat harvests in the SU and Eastern Europe were the worst in 50 years, the Green party wins a majority in Germany and demands a US withdrawl from Europe, as a result NATO collapses. Communist troop streignths in Nicrauga and El Salvadore reach 50k, Mexico plunges into revolution. Powers Booth later informs us (although they chopped the part up a little in some versions) that the UK is fighting with us, although no one expects them to last long, and the only other major power on our side is "500,000,000 screaming Chinamen". One of the kids says "last I heard there were a billion chinamen", to which Booth throws some rot-gut on the fire, I suppose intimating a nuclear ass-whipping, and just says "there were".

Red Dawn is a great flick for a quasi-B-flick. I always was interested by the fact that nukes were used but in very limited numbers, as well as the thought of airborn units using airliners to launcha surprise attack.

I also loved the use of Soviet Naval Yak-36MP/38 Forgers, complete with Soviet naval markings, in the Rockies....

Still, I need that camo. Cotton or canvas or soemthing similar...
Link Posted: 7/16/2003 5:42:47 PM EST
How about the use of the french Puma helos converted to look like Mi-24 Hinds.

Good movie.
Link Posted: 7/16/2003 5:50:46 PM EST
The movie's technical advising was outstanding....
those HINDs were the best ever made, the ones they used in other flicks, ALA Rambo III sucked in comparison.

The AK74s and the Shika were nice touches too. I dont think anyone in the US besides the military community knew what an AK74 with a krink style buttstock or the orange bakelite mags looked like...
Link Posted: 7/16/2003 7:37:26 PM EST
Oh man check this site out. http://www.rusmilitary.com/html/c-wear_summer.htm
FSU is never mentioned here for some reason. They have what you want for 75.00 Euro's. They have all kinds of cool Russian military stuff. You have to call them to make the order. I will vouch for them, they were real good to me when I ordered some pouches. Check em out.
Link Posted: 7/17/2003 2:30:04 AM EST
Link Posted: 7/17/2003 4:42:55 AM EST
That is a common misconception Campy. French helos can fly. They just have to be sent out of the country to have foreign pilots fly them. The French pilots just take one look at them with all the guns and rockets and surrender to the helo on sight.
Link Posted: 7/17/2003 8:31:12 AM EST
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I don't know what size your looking for, but check this out.


Click on the Eastern Bloc tab. Under Soviet Union (Duh!) they have the KLMK 2 piece suit.

$70 is not a bad deal...
Link Posted: 7/17/2003 10:02:39 AM EST
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$70?! Holy crap! I bought two sets for I think $7/ea about a year and a half ago, I believe from Elite Firearms. Still got one NIW. I use them for pajamas - the material is very lightweight and doesn't look like it would hold up under serious use. It almost appears to be made to be worn over BDU's - there are small cargo-type pockets on the legs, but I think that's all the pockets the bottoms have.

Link Posted: 7/19/2003 6:19:11 AM EST
[Last Edit: 7/19/2003 6:19:44 AM EST by mg34ss]
Dan Shea had that Red Dawn Valmet RPK for sale for a long time. I almost bought it. It's one of those that was overpriced at the time, but now.... I wish I had it. As well as one of the AK's!
Link Posted: 7/19/2003 7:23:39 AM EST
Link Posted: 7/19/2003 7:32:41 AM EST
Link Posted: 7/19/2003 8:05:36 AM EST

Originally Posted By obershutze916:
That is a common misconception Campy. French helos can fly. They just have to be sent out of the country to have foreign pilots fly them. The French pilots just take one look at them with all the guns and rockets and surrender to the helo on sight.

Link Posted: 7/20/2003 6:27:12 PM EST
I have one of those Airborne cammo suits made for the movie, and a couple of square yards of the cammo material; it was sold off by the company that made them for the movie...pretty neat stuff!
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