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Posted: 2/14/2013 9:01:20 AM EDT
Not a post to garner a sale of any kind, just want to get that out of the way. Just opinion(s) needed. Have and SGL 21, SAR-1 and a WASR (7.62) as far as AKs go. Thinking about flipping the WASR that's seen around 200 rounds through the tube. Not looking to rape anyone on gunbroker but surely want to do better then break even. It's really just sitting around collecting dust. Keep it for rainier days or sell the bitch?
Link Posted: 2/14/2013 9:05:50 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 2/14/2013 12:04:58 PM EDT by AEnemaBay]
IBTL, but I would probably just sell it if it were me.
Link Posted: 2/14/2013 9:08:05 AM EDT
Ok then. Will a poll work better before the lock?
Link Posted: 2/14/2013 9:22:18 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 2/14/2013 9:22:44 AM EDT by rightwing87]
Sell it for profit. Right now even "budget" AK's are worth a premium.

No sense in keeping it if you never shoot it.
Link Posted: 2/14/2013 10:09:55 AM EDT
sell it and buy ammo
Link Posted: 2/14/2013 11:59:40 AM EDT
Link Posted: 2/15/2013 6:43:09 AM EDT
Thanks for the opinions, that's why I value this section of the forum. Sold it to a buddy just to snatch up my first 1911 with ammo. Guess it's just a revolving door of a hobby. Thanks again!
Link Posted: 2/15/2013 7:25:52 AM EDT
every gun in my safe gets fired at least once a month, minus one--the martini-henry i picked up in afghanistan in 2009.

if i find it hasn't been shot in at least 3 months, and has no sentimental value, it goes up for sale. that said, i also haven't sold a firearm in, oh, 7 years?

good call on the sale. if you're not enjoying it, and could use it to fund something you will be enjoying more regularly, it's silly not to.
Link Posted: 2/15/2013 7:40:56 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 2/15/2013 7:42:01 AM EDT by calicoss47]
100% agreed Armed. It's going to a better home in the end and it's a friend who could use it more then I would or have. It served its purpose with me. Just couldn't make room to take it out as my love for the SAR-1 and SGL superseeded it.
Link Posted: 2/15/2013 7:43:03 AM EDT
as well it should have; they're much better rifles.
Link Posted: 2/15/2013 9:04:02 AM EDT
If it doesn't fill in a spot in your AK collection, and if you have no particular attachment to it, then sell it.
Link Posted: 2/15/2013 3:26:49 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 2/15/2013 3:26:49 PM EDT by dalesimpson]
On further consideration this could be construed as a for sale thread. Sorry.
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