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Posted: 9/23/2005 6:34:44 AM EDT
There are some ugly scratches on my receiver. They are not too deep, but bad enough to obscure the model markings, and generally make the gun look unseemly.

I've been thinking about sanding them smooth and repainting the receiver. Tips and suggestions?
Link Posted: 9/23/2005 6:50:59 AM EDT
It's an AK, come on, leave it alone and move on. Look at it as a badge of honor, a pretty gun is a safe queen, a gun with some marks on it is a shooter. MJD
Link Posted: 9/23/2005 8:23:43 AM EDT
A good finish would increase resale value... $)
Link Posted: 9/23/2005 8:37:25 AM EDT

Originally Posted By Ap2p:
A good finish would increase resale value... $)

Link Posted: 9/23/2005 9:15:10 AM EDT
Paint it if you are worried about rust or if you want to camo it. Otherwise, it's a rifle, which is a tool, not a work of art to be admired from a distance. Use it, properly maintain it, don't abuse it, but why does pretty matter in a tool?
Link Posted: 9/23/2005 10:27:02 AM EDT
Well, I want to make sure if I ever need money, I could sell some of my stuff as easily as possible, and to get as much return on it as I can. And highly visible scratches can make the potential buyer wonder about how I treat my rifle in general - lowering the resale cost...
Link Posted: 9/23/2005 4:58:30 PM EDT
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