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Posted: 10/24/2004 8:45:04 PM EDT

I just recently bought a Yugo SKS. After my first trip to the range, I realize I really need some sort of scope on it. It seems like it is good out to well over a hundred yards. Unfortunately, I can't say the same of my eyes. I am trying to figure out the best optics to get for it, and was wondering if anyone here had some other suggestions. Here are my options that I see so far:

1) I am buying an ACOG for an AR I have. I was contemplating some sort of Pic. rail mounted on the receiver cover of the SKS, and just sharing the scope between the two rifles. I know the scope will be set up for 5.56 instead of 7.62, so the ranges will be off. Any other problems with this? Has anyone made a cover mounted rail setup, or will I need to make it myself?

2) If that isn't practical, I was thinking about the HITECH scope setup, since it comes with a new receiver cover, and the mount already installed. Does anyone have any experience with this one? Any other recommended scopes?

Thanks for any suggestions.
Link Posted: 10/25/2004 3:50:13 PM EDT
Link Posted: 10/25/2004 6:55:03 PM EDT

Thanks, thats the scope I was considering, the compact 4x32. Since I am pretty new to the SKS, I was wondering if there were any other ones to look at.
Link Posted: 10/26/2004 8:54:43 AM EDT
JL at surplus rifles has several discussions on scopes and mounts which might help.

I'm mounting the Choate fixed model on my receiver now...but it helps to have the correct tools. You need a good drill and some way to insure the correct angle. I don't have a drill press, but I have a hefty 90 degree jig that fits my drill and has worked fine in the past on my guns.
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