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Posted: 2/23/2016 11:25:58 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 2/23/2016 11:27:17 AM EDT by boricua9mm]

Disclaimer: I hold no
affiliation with SLR rifleworks. The rail in this review was purchased with my
own cashola at full price. They did not solicit me for feedback or a review.
The following review/overview is formed from my opinions, based on my own
experiences with military style firearms. My interest in posting this review is
simply the dissemination of information, as the technical details and marketing
material for this product doesn’t seem to be widely available. I don't mind if anyone reposts these pics or info, so long as I receive proper credit.

I’ve held out against purchasing any sort of rail system for
my M92 SBR because nothing on the market really spoke to me. For various
reasons, whether aesthetic or technical, there was nothing out there that
piqued my interest, until now. That item would be the SLR Rifleworks AK 5.4”
Mid Keymod rail system
, with the added railed gas tube.

What is it? Well,
calling this version a Keymod rail might be overly optimistic. The only Keymod
slots are on the 6:00 position. In my case, this version is perfect, because I have
an infrastructure of 20 years worth of legacy M1913 peripherals. I made no
attempt to restructure to the latest and greatest interfaces, so frankly, I
need rail sections. If you’re not as entrenched in Picatinny accessories as I
am, they also make another version without M1913 at the 3 and 9 o’clock
positions called the Lite MLOK. The SLR railed gas tube is essentially an
Ultimak alternative, but can only be used in conjunction with the SLR handguard. The rail is designed at the same level as the top of the
dust cover, which means it sits lower than the aftermarket rails that are screwed
onto to the hinged top cover.

Design Concept? Aesthetically,
I think it looks great. Modern design cues are present, but it’s not
over-modulated. The rails are positioned just where they are needed and do not
run the full length of the handguard. The junction between the handguard and
receiver is well done, definitely not an afterthought. The attachment method
is, in my opinion, superior to other rail systems in the marketplace. What we’d
refer to as the lower handguard ferrule on the factory forend is taken to the
next level; it becomes a mounting block for the entire system.  The lower handguard bolts onto this block, and
the railed gas block bolts into this same block from above. In my opinion, this
is a superior mounting method when compared to designs that rely on tensioned
barrel bands. There does exist a bracing point against the barrel; it is a
small piece located towards the front portion of the handguard. As the gas tube
is secured to the mounting block, it does seem to impart some downward tension
on the barrel, but it does not depend on this tension to remain securely

Weight?  I know someone will ask, but I don’t own a
postal scale, nor any other scale sensitive enough to weigh it. Holding it in
the hand, the weight is not particularly noteworthy. The M92 is already a
little beefcake, and this rail does not make it unbearable by any stretch of
the imagination.

Heat Dissipation? There
is a decent sized gap between the lower handguard and gas tube. Since the lower
handguard follows the same overall girth as the factory handgaurds, and is composed
of relatively thin aluminum and not thick wood, there is an increase in air
flow around the barrel. The vents/lightening cuts in the lower handguard help
with this as well.  In firing 20 rounds
with ~2 seconds in between shots at 70F, the gas tube felt warm to the touch,
but that’s about it. I’m not much of a mag dump guy, but I do practice double
taps offhand. For the pace at which I usually shoot this rifle, heat won’t be
an issue, but if you’re mag dumper, you would have different results.

Optics? A low
mount, mini/micro red dot is the winning ticket. The Aimpoint Micro will give
you a lower 1/3 co-witness if you are using the factory mount or the ARMS #31.
I’m not an ARMS fan, so I am using the factory Aimpoint LRP. I tried a Larue
661 and it was too high to co-witness. I can’t comment on any other mounts or
optic combinations. Obviously, you’ll want an optic that can handle a bit of
heat, and being out front in the scout position, infinite eye relief.

Cost? At $275
plus shipping for the complete forend, it smarts a little bit. Living in
Florida forces me to pay sales tax, which puts it over $300. For those of us
that like ARs, that’s about the normal price range for Daniel Defense rifle
length handguards. Ouch. Now, SLR has done great work with these rail systems
and I can’t say that enough. I believe it comes with a mounting system that is
superior to the lower cost competitors. Most people who own M92s will find these
rail & gas tube combos to be cost-prohibitive. From my perspective, with a
Form 1 SBR I’m married to the gun, so I might as well be able to dress her up
nice. I feel the same way about other Form 1 guns as well, you should invest in
a few different outfits to keep things interesting.

Criticisms? One problem I encountered was that the railed
gas tube was not made with the muzzle device detent in mind. Granted, M92
pistols don’t come with this retaining pin/detent from the factory, but most of
us have installed them to use various muzzle devices. The bottom front portion
of the gas tube does not allow the retaining pin to retract so that you can
remove the muzzle device. I forced it down and saw it rubbing the gas tube. If
the material dimensions allow it, a bevel or notch cut may be needed in this
area. Another criticism would be that there are two different wrench sizes
needed to mount the handguard and railed gas tube. In my opinion, using the
same sized allen key would be a more field-friendly approach. It would be easy
to stow away a single allen key in a grip, stock, or other storage area. Having
two different tools just for the rail system complicates things a bit, and for those
of us that prefer to not have rifles that are dependent on multiple tools, simplifying
things is welcomed.

Link Posted: 2/23/2016 11:37:11 AM EDT
Looks slick
Link Posted: 2/23/2016 4:45:47 PM EDT
Thanks for the write up.  I have kept my wood furniture on my M92, as I have never found a handguard that I consider easy on the eyes.  SLR defiantly made a win here. I like their quality, but you do have to pay for it.  Now the question is do I form 1 the firearm before 41F starts with the anticipation of adding a stock....then this furniture.....ahhh mental turmoil!  My bank account hates me.
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