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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 6/4/2003 6:51:54 AM EST
Anyone now heard anything about these? A 7.62 x 51 AK sounds kind of interesting to me, but I haven't heard anything about them.
Link Posted: 6/4/2003 8:57:44 AM EST
I've got a stock Saiga carbine with the normal rifle type stock. It cost me $300 after shipping, FFL and everything.

They are a real handy and quick to the shoulder. I tried a 7.62X39 at the gun store before I ordered the .308 and loved it. It handled 50 rounds of .308 ball without a glitch, has an 8 round plastic magazine that supposedly can be switched to 10 rounds (starting to get expensive and hard to find).

Beautifully made, but it kicks like a mule and from the box, the trigger is terrible. I just finished disassembling and polishing my FCG up and the trigger is way better. The trigger on the .308s pulls more up than back because of the way it pivots in the receiver.

Trigger pull on mine is still long, just not gritty anymore. Better have a lot of patience and a set of hemostats if you plan on taking the FCG apart yourself.

All said and done, if you want a .308 AK then this is the one, I wanted .308 and I wouldn’t trade it for the FALs or CETMEs that are being sold right now. If you want a kick around PC rifle than the 762X39 is the way to go (better trigger, easier to find magazines, cheaper ammo). I will probably get one in that caliber and one in 5.56mm (for pistol grip modification) as well before it is all over with.

I would rather have Russian than Romanian. Some people are switching the Saigas over to pistol grip stocks but there is some grumbling about trigger and safety problems on the .308s. After looking at mine and comparing it to one taken off my Misr-90, I can see some definite differences. I plan on keeping mine stock for now, just going to add a recoil pad and a Blackjack brand hard buffer to see if I can bench rest it and get it sighted in. I had no problems shooting it offhand, just prone or from a bench (recoil, poor trigger, lack of practice).

Sorry I’m so long winded, I just really like the rifle.
Link Posted: 6/4/2003 9:24:13 AM EST
Thanks for your responce.

I was kind of surprised to hear about the trigger pull. I have two Norinco AK's and one has a four pound pull and the other a slightly less than four pound pull. I was hopeing the big AK might also have a good trigger. The magazine thing bothers me too. It's a pity they don't take HK91 mags.

The .308 AK I was looking at has a pistole grip stock and I was wondering how they got away with that. Are these guns really russian or or something trown together by a third party with the proper amount of American made parts?

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