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Page AK-47 » Build It Yourself
AK Sponsor: palmetto
Posted: 8/16/2005 9:11:38 AM EDT
My name is Robert and i live in Italy.
im working on a ak47 "romanian barrel and front trunnion, blank folded receiver from mash arms and down foldable yugo stock.
im having problems having the holes in the receiver aligned 100%  "the trigger pin is 0.50 mm off.."
is that a big issue or?
also i noticed that some company sell "cross member bushing" is that a "must" when
assembling the ak?  
finally is there any easy way to mark the holes for the front,rear trunnion and the under foldable stock?
i have seen the tape trick.. but is it really 100% reliable?
Thanks for your help!
Link Posted: 8/16/2005 4:07:35 PM EDT
Welcome Robert.  
I don't think that 1/2 mm is going to make any difference in the function of your AK.  As for the cross member bushing, I, and every other builder I have seen use them.   The bushing will stiffen the receiver and also acts as a hammer stop when the bolt carrier is removed.  This thread has an awesome idea for locating rivet holes.  
I hope this helps.
Link Posted: 8/17/2005 8:52:20 AM EDT
Thanks for the tip Dalesimpson. im very new into these, but things are going pretty well.
since the Yugo rear trunnion is  different than a  "normal" ak rear trunnion..
does anybody know the tot lenght "both bottom and top" of the yugo receiver
also how importat is that the lenght is spot on?
i have searched after the information on several forums but couldnt find it..
as far i understand the ak is a pretty easy weapon to build "every cave or so in afghanistan as a gunsmith...." so the tollerance should be that importat or?
Link Posted: 8/17/2005 9:26:57 AM EDT
Hi Robert,
I can't really help you with the Yugo parts. One thing I will tell you is that tolerances are not that critical on AKs in the trigger group/hammer assembly. With a blank folded receiver, I would be very careful in the overall length of the receiver. Too long and the top cover will not fit, too short and the cover will have to be shortened.
The best way to build the rifle is fit the trigger guard first, then the front trunnion, thn weld in the rails. Doing this makes it much easier to insure magazine fit and proper rail alignment.
Then fit the rear stock block to insure your  top cover fits properly.
Another problem is the selector/safety hole alignment. Sometimes the holes are  too low and the selector/safety will have to be fitted to the trigger. Not any real problems, but sometimes they occur with different receivers and parts kits.
Good Luck with your build. Many guys on this forum are great people and will give as much advice as you need.
Post any problems you have and the good people here will help if they can!
Link Posted: 8/17/2005 10:00:25 AM EDT
im still working on the blank receiver..however if a screw  it up  ill buy a flat laser receiver
i have a mig welder since before so it will work, for me these  receiver is more like a training one..
but of course if it works on the first try ill be glad..
Link Posted: 10/7/2005 11:32:43 PM EDT
ok ..it seems that i have made something wrong..
the holes for the trigger and hammer,, they are not aligned properly..
when i drilled the holes "blank receiver from Marsh arms" the tip was to drill all the holes "for both sides" from one side, since the drill had wobbled around then it made the holes missaligned..
so i wounder how i can fix it.. i guess the easiest way is to close  the holes "weld them"
and then drill the holes again...
i have tried to find a proper side where it describe a good way to do these but i cannot find it..
can any help me?
Link Posted: 10/8/2005 2:33:22 AM EDT
Well Bob...

That's not good news. Most of us would chalk this down as a learning experience and start all over again with a new flat/receiver. At least I know I would.
As for filling in your trunion holes, plug welding is out of the question if you ask me. If your not too concerned with the asthetics of the gun, you could weld a cover patch over the holes and redrill them in the right position...using a drill press this time with NEW bits. The cover patch will add a little strength to the front of the receiver. Use the same guage metal as the receiver.
Link Posted: 10/8/2005 2:37:33 AM EDT
maybe the easiest way is to buy i flat laser cut receiver and weld it..
is it anything important i should think about then? can the plate warp when i weld it?
Link Posted: 10/8/2005 9:56:31 AM EDT
i have searched all day after the flat receiver with laset cut "so they can easily be folded"
but i cannot find any shop who has them..
those somebody know a where i can find  them?
Page AK-47 » Build It Yourself
AK Sponsor: palmetto
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