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Posted: 10/13/2004 7:07:57 PM EDT
My first DIY project!

I got a Romanian Underfolder kit today. How do I remove the old rivets from the rear trunion??

Do they go all the way through??

After I get them out. Where do I get rivets to replace them??

Thanks in advance!

Link Posted: 10/13/2004 7:22:51 PM EDT
Yes, the rivets go all the way through. There are a few different methods of removal, but I grind the stubs flush with the trunion. Then drill all the way through with a bit a little smaller in diameter than the rivet itself. Usually the rivet will spin free once all the way through. If not you can either drive it out or step up in bit size and then it should spin out. Those with presses press them out. When they were originally installed they swelled in the middle, so punching them out rarely works. Global Trades sells rivet sets.
Link Posted: 10/13/2004 8:03:14 PM EDT
Cool. I'll try and drill them out.

Will new rivets freely insert into the trunion or is it a tight fit right from the get go?

Link Posted: 10/15/2004 2:45:06 PM EDT

Grind the rivets flat on the outside of the receiver with a surface grinder.
And just like joe said, "use a smaller bit" to drill out the rivets.
When it comes to the front trunion, Be cafull not to go to far and hit the barrel.
Use apeice of masking tape on your drill bit to plan the depth of the trunion to barrel.
Link Posted: 10/19/2004 2:36:21 PM EDT
On the front trunion its easier to press out the barrel pin then press out the barrel and you can then usually just punch out the rivets.If you have a kit that still has a piece of the reciever shell on the front trunion you will still have to cut the rivet heads off with a dremel before punching them out.Seems like more and more the kits are coming without the receiver shell pieces still on.
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