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Posted: 7/24/2004 10:59:52 PM EDT
I kn ow this is not your typical AK, it doesn't offer select-fire, Only a 10 round mag, but it is Romanian and is build on an AK action, so here it is...

I own one, so far it's been a love-hate relationship.

The good:
The rifle is a blast to shoot.
Very mild recoil.
Robust, easy to maintain
Chrome-lined barrel
Light weight
Cheap ammo

The bad:
Cannot shoot very hot ammo - rattles my teeth
The shots placement drifts as the rifle warms up
Questionable accuracy
Piss poor manufacturing / quality.

So far I've replaced the trigger with redstar - Very nice trigger feel. Re-welded the scope mounting rail - it was loose. Upgraded to an 8x42 scope.
After I did all of the above, rifle still had poor accuracy. So finally I've sanded down the lower handguard (now it's loose), and bought match S&B Ammo. Will go out next week to test it.

What experiences did you have with your Romaks?
Link Posted: 7/25/2004 6:51:15 AM EDT
Keep us informed..How's the crown on the end of the barrel??? You've done about all ya can do imo..
Link Posted: 7/25/2004 1:18:36 PM EDT
Link Posted: 10/3/2004 4:03:31 PM EDT
OK final range report.
Bought S&B 174 GR MATCH ammo from Natchez. $13.80 per 20. Uses Sierra MatchKing HPBT bullet.

Oh, my flaming G-D is that stuff good!!!!!!!!!!!

Took my rifle out to the range. Shot off the bench with a toolbox for support, my gloved hand rested between the box's hard surface and the front handguard.

1st round - 3" low
2, 3, 4the rounds - Bull's eye! Can have all 3 bullet holes touch a quarter! Sweet!!! Never saw such consitency form ANYTHING previously shot.

Put in a Wolf 148 - Flyers everywhere. Tried other ammo, same story. Switched back to S$B - TIGHTER than a virgin's you know what! And re recoil feels lower. I wonder if the sierra is a .308 instead of .311...

Anyhow, go out to 200, adjust the scope - Ding! Again, Ding!
300 - Ding! Pick a smaller tagert - DING! SWEET!!!!
400 meters - miss. Hmmm, the kalinka optics scale seems a bit too agressive for this round... Railed the scope 1 click - Ding, again, Ding. Nice!!! 500 - Ding, 600 small gong - miss. But at that range I can recover from recoil and see where the bullet hits, it's digging ground IN FRONT of the gong - Dead Center. The Kalinka metric says 6.5 will go to 600 meters. Turned my to 7 - DING!, again, DING!!!

Where can I get a range that will go to 1200?!

I finally figured out what this rifle wanted:

And to think, I was about to sell it to the lowest bidder as a broom handle / door stop.

Story is over, and it has a very happy ending. For all you shooting thin barreled rifles, like Romak 3. You NEED proper ammo.

For myself, I now have a reliable, light weight semiautomatic SNIPER rifle that I can count on. Will order extra mags, and some more of that sweet, sweet ammo.

Footnote, this ammo is amazingly clean. Wolf would take 5-6 sessions of lube / brush / wipe , this stuff cleans out in 1.
Link Posted: 10/11/2004 11:15:57 PM EDT
i'll have to remember that. I've been thinking about getting one. I'd like a chinese dragunov, but i'll have to consider the price a lot more.
Link Posted: 10/12/2004 5:36:39 AM EDT
Link Posted: 10/17/2004 3:57:39 PM EDT
Tried everything under the sun:

Russian mill-sup 150GR corrosive
Czech silver tip - 148GB corrosive
Wolf 148GR bimetal jacketed.
Wolf 148 GR copper jacket - pretty good, but not great.
Wolf 200 GR bimetal jacket
Wolf 200 GR copper jacket
Yugo 150 GR milsup
Chineese 150GR (?) milsup
Albanian 150GR
S&B 180GR soft point

All shoot about 12" at 100 yards. Some shoot better than others, but not by much. All drift if rapidly fired, and change point of impact as the barrel gets hot.

S&B 174GR hollow point match - 1.5" at 100 yards. Rapid fire produces tighter groups than shooting from a cold barrel.

I actually feel A LOT less recoil from heavier S&B match than lighter milsup, plus the energy retained by 174 GR is much higher than the LB stuff. Interseting to note is the same ammo kicks harder in my nagant than the 148/150 milsup stuff.

I am willing to bet the 174GR ammo is .308 caliber, not .311 as in most general purpose mil ammo. I suspect the barrel in Romak 3 is tight and larger diameter rounds tend to whip the thin barrel. .311 makes sense in worn nagant rifles, but in PSL .308 produces lower recoil and tighter groups.

Link Posted: 10/21/2004 5:18:09 AM EDT
At .70 cents a round it better shoot well! Oh My!!
Link Posted: 10/25/2004 4:52:38 PM EDT
Nice write up. I am getting mine here soon and would like to also be able to shoot tight groups. I would like to use this gun for deer hunting sometimes or even other game hunting if I ever get the time and money to go on a guided hunt for other big game. Of course, Target shooting is pretty fun too.
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