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Posted: 8/3/2005 8:04:09 PM EDT
I am out of place here.

In talking to the guys that I have gotten kits from recently, It is amazing the emails and phone calls they have received harass them about when and what etc.

Everybody seems to be anxious that they will be left behind or backorderd or something. I think every body needs to take notice and appreciate a few things:

The people that supply us the quality stuff at good prices do this part time in addition to a "real" job and a family.

They will only take as many orders as they can fill, in due time.

They will not have nearly as much to do in 90 days and yet they will be your only source for the small items you will need. If they get burnt out, we all lose.

Whether you recieve your kit tommorow, next week, or the week after will make a very small difference in your life. They are hustling and it is trying on them and their families.

Link Posted: 8/3/2005 8:54:56 PM EDT
Link Posted: 8/4/2005 12:26:18 AM EDT
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