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Posted: 10/11/2004 6:00:44 AM EDT
Took one of my 5.45 SEAKs out to the range early this morning (sliver moon, no useful illumination) to test the range of the Znich tactical light & the effectiveness of the Bulgarian AR-M1 flash suppressor. Fired appx 20rds with my head well above the bore so I could observe muzzle flash. There was a small (1"?) orange jet directly out the front of the flash suppressor and nothing whatsoever out the side vents except for the occasional 6-10 small sparks (Wolf ammo?) that would fly out appx 5" before extinguishing. When sighting through the PK-AS or the irons there was no flash visible from the shooter's side except for the occasional side spark which didn't interfere w/sighting or night vision. *Much* better flash control than the AK-74 muzzle brake!
The Znich tactical light is surprisingly bright & effective. I set up a cardboard B27 silhouette on a dirt berm in the tactical pits to see how far away I could see/ID a non-contrasting target w/the Znich. From at least 75yds away (max range in the tactical pit) I could still ID & engage the B27. Since the Znich has both a bright center spot & dimmer peripheral illumination I tested the center spot for use as a CQB aiming point. With the B27 set up at 10yds and the center spot centered on the torso I fired off 10 shots from the hip. All 10 shots hit the torso appx 2" left and 2" high from the center of the torso. The center spot appears to work very well as a CQB aiming point at close range.
If you're worried about about muzzle flash then the Bulgy AR-M1 is certainly effective!
The Znich works very well also, getting over 2hrs runtime from a set of 2100Mah batteries.
Link Posted: 10/11/2004 6:23:46 AM EDT
Link Posted: 10/11/2004 6:30:54 AM EDT

Originally Posted By RS39:
Thanks again!
Recall KVAR has the flash suppressor?

Por nada. Yep, K-Var is where I got the Bulgy AR-M1's: AR-M1 Flash Suppressor
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