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Posted: 9/19/2004 10:04:47 AM EDT
I was wonder ing if doubling can occur with both the two stage setup and single or just one or the other. I have left my fcg set as it came from RSA and want to be sure I don't have that problem when I go to the range next time, is there away to tell before if it will happen berfore I go shooting?
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If you are wanting to know if it is doubling before you shoot it , function test it.


With unloaded rifle , pull bolt carrier back , cocking hammer.

Allow bolt carrier to slam home.

Pointing rifle in safe direction , pull trigger (hammer should fall) , hold trigger all to the way rear.

Pull bolt carrier to the rear (still holding trigger) , let carrier slam home.

Look through top cover slot. Is the hammer being retained by the disconnector ? No problem.

Release trigger. The hammer should be released by the disconnector and caught by the hooks on the top of the trigger. Were they caught ? No problem.

If the hammer is not caught by the disconnector and / or hammer it is UNSAFE and will double.

If the hammer is not caught adjust your disconnector , as Campy outlined.

If the disconnector is properly adjusted and the hammer does not "follow through" during the function test then it should not double during actual firing of live ammo.


You r-e-a-l-l-y should function test any semi / full auto before live firing it for the first time.

I had one one MISR Maadi that would have doubled (or maybe emptied the whole magazine) from the factory. Luckily I checked it before I fired it the first time as expecting a bang and getting bang , bang , or worse bang ,bang, bang, etc can be embarassing and potentially deadly.


Once you successfully function test the rifle and are ready to live fire load one round in the magazine , chamber it and fire it (at a safe target).

Keep the trigger pulled and check to see if the disconnector caught the hammer. Did it ?


Load two rounds and repeat the test , checking after each round to see if the hammer was caught ,before realeasing the trigger.

If the rifle passes these tests it is safe.
Link Posted: 9/19/2004 11:52:51 AM EDT
Thanks for the info.
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