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Posted: 9/14/2004 8:40:31 PM EDT
I had some trouble getting the rear trunion in as I managed to drill the holes in the wrong place on the first try and needed to so some fitting. I now have bothe the front and reat trunion screwed fast but I have a slight issue with the receiver itself towards the rear. I am using an OOW receiver for the build...

My issue is that in the process of getting everything aligned I managed to bend the portions of the receiver that would normally fit into the notches in the rear trunion. Like the idiot I am, I decided to give them a love tap with a good old BFH and the bent straighter as opposed to locking into the slot. Now what I have is the top of the receiver in the rearward area that is too wide for the top-cover to fit over the receiver and snap over the top cover latch.

I can't be the only idot to have this problem but I really wasn't looking forward to atacking it with a grinding wheel if I don't need to hence the reason I ask now....

My build is an AMD-65 that I am building as a AK-pistol. She is going to be ugly as I already have three holes that need to be welded up but this is my first AK and I just want her to function and learn the basics so I can do a better job on my next two kits and receivers....

Link Posted: 9/14/2004 9:11:13 PM EDT
Ok, I think I understand what happened.

The lips on the rear of the receiver didn't fit into the grooves on the rear trunnion, correct? So the rear of the receiver is bowed out, making it too wide for the top cover, correct?

This is common on these '65s and '63s. Your problem is that the grooves are too high for the receiver, they need to be widened (and lowered). What I did was I took a dremel with a cutting blade, and carefully went over the bottom portion of the rear trunnion lips, making it a little bit wider. I only needed about a millimeter or so, go slow, do a little, and test fit. Cut a little more, test fit, repeat as necessary.

When you put the rear trunnion in, look at it from the rear, you can see where it needs to be widened in that slot.

Hope that helps...
Link Posted: 9/15/2004 4:57:57 AM EDT
Thanks... I need to look at her tonight again and I may just remove a little material from the trunion as you describe... is that doesn't work I will narrow the trunion and clamp the receiver to the trunion and weld the receiver to the trunion...

Hell, I always wanted to learn to weld
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