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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 6/17/2003 1:06:32 PM EST
[Last Edit: 6/17/2003 1:09:33 PM EST by rickinvegas]
I was cleaning out a box I had in storage for many years and came across an old 5 round mag still loaded with this. I seem to remember I bought a ton of it @1992ish to blast out of my new MAK90. There was no such thing as $75 cases of wolf (at least I did not know about it) so we were always looking for cheap ammo to shoot. I found a bunch of this one day at a local shop and bought several hundred rounds of it and proceded to blast it. It came in these yellowish 20 round bubble packs. We literally could not hit ANYTHING with it, seriously, it was like firing blanks! 20 yards and I was lucky to hit paper. I pulled one apart and I seem to remember that it was ALUMINUM jacketed with a PLASTIC core. Weirdest stuff I ever saw. I think I later learned that this was east german "training" ammo.
Does anyone remember this? I sure have not seen any since.

Link Posted: 6/17/2003 1:11:02 PM EST
[Last Edit: 6/17/2003 1:12:27 PM EST by mg34ss]
I bought five cases of it and loved it. I had a full auto AK from S.E. Asia I used it in. My son blasted several cases out of it with the AK on a bi-pod when he was 14. Low recoil was why I got it and I thought it shot OK. It was acurate enough in full auto. He was upset it didn't put holes in the scrap cars we were shooting at. Hardly scratched the paint. Wish I had 5000 more rounds of the stuff. I understand the Germans used the powder for fertilizer and scrapped about 100 tons of the stuff.
Link Posted: 6/17/2003 1:14:16 PM EST
I just found some when packing up for the move. Weird shit but hell on pigeons and rats in a buddies barn.
Link Posted: 6/17/2003 1:20:18 PM EST
Fill several 75 round drums. Go to an open field, and and everyone bump fire at once.

Rings in the new year quite well. Done this for about 5 years now.

Can't hit shit with the ammo, but the low recoil and function is great.

Link Posted: 6/17/2003 1:24:48 PM EST
YEah I got about 50 rounds of it. I have been keeping it on hand till I found a good use for it.

I think its corrosive though.
Link Posted: 6/17/2003 2:19:49 PM EST
[Last Edit: 6/17/2003 2:57:43 PM EST by rickinvegas]

Originally Posted By M4_Aiming_at_U:
YEah I got about 50 rounds of it. I have been keeping it on hand till I found a good use for it.

I think I had loaded that mag to keep handy for home defense which was really the only use I could think for it....you know, hurt the bad guy but save the paint and furniture?

Link Posted: 6/17/2003 4:15:51 PM EST
Don't want to hijack but this is sort of on topic and I'm dying to know. A couple years back I found a blue plastic .308 shell casing at a local desert range. Anyone have some information on these?
Link Posted: 6/17/2003 4:30:08 PM EST
Link Posted: 6/17/2003 5:55:09 PM EST
I have about 900 rounds or so in my attic. Has a metal jacket with a plastic core if memory serves me. I bought it through the mail and wasn't informed it was "training ammo". I've thougth about throwing it out a few times but don't know where I'd throw it. Comes in weird little ten round blister packs.

I guess it would make a fairly good home defence round.
Link Posted: 6/22/2003 7:35:10 AM EST
[Last Edit: 6/22/2003 7:36:26 AM EST by sfcret]

Originally Posted By CAMPYBOB:

cc, probably some kind of practice/training ammo.

that is what I was told it is, for use in indoor ranges, by e. germans....... those came in 10 pack blister packs if memory serves me right
Link Posted: 6/22/2003 7:49:11 AM EST
I got about 400 rds of it in a Box I think it's packed 10 rds per blister pack.Wont cycle my SKS but works great in an AK. East German training Ammo as I recall.I'd like to know the Ballistics. Bullet weight velocity and Muzzle energy. Just curious.
Link Posted: 6/22/2003 8:30:40 AM EST
The stuff was sold as "anti terrorist ammo" and other funky stuff. The paper work that came in the cases of the stuff said in german "training ammo". Its corrosive, and it would not reliably cycle my maddi.
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