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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 11/7/2003 5:06:43 AM EST
I have a SAR-1 and SAR-2. I am going to purchase scopes for both, but am wondering which to buy. What is best suited for the 47 vs. the 74? Is the POSP 4x24 1000m OK for the 47, or is it a waste and should I just get the POSP 4x24 400m instead? There are to many to choose from! Would a 6x24 be a waste? Or a 6x42?

As for the 74, should I first go for the PO 3.5x21P S or the Kobra 1S first? I own an EOTech for my AR. I like both sights, but which one would offer the most up front? Is this like the difference between the Aimpoint/EOTech and ACOG?

Last, is there a web site that maybe discusses the pros and cons for using the different sights for the different AKs? Like maybe what affect each sight has when using which caliber? Sighting them in, etc... I have found plenty for the AR, but not much for the AK. Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks - Shon
Link Posted: 11/9/2003 2:48:47 PM EST
Just back from a trip, sorry about the late response.

The 5.45 shoots virtually as flat as the 5.56, so bullet drop is not a big issue at avg distances. But 7.62x39 drops fast after 150yds in particular. In the 4x24 scopes, the lower chevrons in the 1000m reticle are more important for the 7.62 round. For up close, consider that AK optics are a bit higher than avg AR optics, with the resultant angle affecting the point of impact at various yardages. For plate shoots and general blasting with my SAR1, the dot over chevron reticle in the Kobra is great for immediately adjusting to various distances (50-100yds in particular).

More mag is less FOV, and a straight 8x annoys most AK shooters. There is a 4-8x42 option; the 3-9 unit does not center well over AKs as it is more of a Dragunov unit. NOt sloppy, just not better IMO.

6x42 offers more light and bigger exit pupil than 6x24, so you can 'see' without having your eye in a more exact spot. Big plus in repeat fire.

Basic suggestion is glass for one and kobra for the other. Tell me more about your shooting goals and I'll type more.
Link Posted: 11/10/2003 1:39:59 AM EST
POSP 4x24 400m I believe the 400 meter reticle is correct for 7.62x39.
Link Posted: 11/10/2003 8:24:56 AM EST
I guess it comes to usage of 5.45 vs 7.62. The 7.62 will basically be a shooter and maybe a hunter since the round is big enough for larger game here in NC and TN. The 5.45 will be my "tactical" gun which will be used for home defense, shooter, and maybe small game hunter (a big maybe).

I currently have an AR (M4 type) with both an EOTech and AGOG. I wanted to match the capabilities with this rifle to their Russian versions for the SAR-2. I also wanted to keep it as "real world" as possible leaning towards what the Russian military most closely uses (I like to collect battle rifles).

I figure just a scope would be good for the SAR-1, but did not really know balistically what the differences were between the different scope models and ranges vs. calibers. This applys to the SAR-2 as well. Since the SAR-1 doesn't maintain on target as well as the SAR-2 after each shot, I was more inclined to apply the close range toys to the SAR-2 as my home defense weapon.

Does this help?
Link Posted: 11/10/2003 11:11:18 AM EST
We will probably enjoy a PO and a Kobra on different guns for different reasons. I use the SAR1 for close work blasting, and find that a 1.8moa dot has little effect on groups with a 4moa gun. My 5.45 guns are for detail work, and good glass gets the most out of them.

The PO weighs a pound more than typical scopes, and gives you twice the FOV (should be handy hunting something that moves). The weight is well-centered, like the mass of a milled or RPK receivered AK it has only a very minor impact on handling in most situations. The well-defined reticle and strong clarity make it more effective in accuracy than a cheapo 6x scope. Unless you plan lots of long shots at steady targets, I suggest the PO over a 6x42 or 4-8x42. You can learn the reticle drop with basic practice in any gun, even though the PO is marked for the 5.45 flight path. You need to get the eye up to the rubber in the PO, which will mess up glasses more in the 7.62 gun.

When in doubt, up to 100yds, start with a Kobra for either gun, play a while, then choose your next optic.
Link Posted: 11/11/2003 5:50:06 AM EST

Originally Posted By RS39:
You need to get the eye up to the rubber in the PO, which will mess up glasses more in the 7.62 gun.

Is this because of the recoil of the 7.62? Or some other factor? Thanks for the help. Is there a web site that deals with this stuff - in detail maybe? I liked the brake FAQ someone did. Just wondering if someone with knowledge of these scopes would do one on this subject as well? Would really help out those who are new to the AK world.

Thanks - Shon
Link Posted: 11/11/2003 7:10:47 AM EST
Simply a matter of more recoil with the 7.62 round. PO eye relief is less than POSP.
No FAQ yet since choices are much simpler than ARs. But it can be a fair winter project..
Link Posted: 11/17/2003 4:19:39 AM EST
[Last Edit: 11/17/2003 4:20:01 AM EST by ASNixon]
I have narrowed it down to either the PK-S01 or Kobra (8 & S1) and the PO. This optic will go on a SAR-2. I have questions on both:

1. Out of both Kobras (8 & S1) which is better or which one do you prefer?

2. I have read that the Kobra does not really offer the "two eyes open" effect because of the 3D reticle design - is this true?

3. How do they lie in reference to the centerline of the barrel (all three)? I take it they where not designed to be used with a cheek weld?

4. The PK-S01 is not cammed for the 5.45 round, would this problem be easy to work around?

I own an EOTech for my AR, but like the aimpoint type sight the PK-S01 offers. Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks - Shon
Link Posted: 11/17/2003 8:57:33 AM EST
When I bought my 8 model Kobras, this was the only one with the beefier side bracket. It also has the coin battery. The slightly lighter battery lasts plenty of hours, and $3 Swiss lithium replacements are at Radio Shack (keep one in the range box). This model is also not available with the sunshade that I know of, but not a problem in Ohio...
Two eyes open is fine with the Kobra; great for a left eye dominant right handed freak like me.
I never had a problem with with the left/center/right minor variances in combloc optics, except the 3-9x42 for the SVD on an AK is way left. Now if I found an AK shooting under 2moa it may matter for that tiny fraction. All combloc optics seem to mount high, more often a jaw weld than cheeck weld on the fairly straight comb butt stocks with stamped receivers. (note how the butt on a milled Bulgy drops more)
The 5.45 shoots about as flat as the 5.56, so do not worry about cams. You can easily improvise with using the dot to hold under/on/over the target at any likely yardage.
The idea of a PKSO1 running with or without battery, fully enclosed to avoid dirt blocking the light emitter, and otherwise a combloc aimpoint really sounds good to me. If I was more fully employed, I would have one on order by now.
Link Posted: 11/18/2003 4:36:20 AM EST
One more question concerning optics - do you know anything about the PK-01V? I hear it is like an aimpoint, but it seems longer. IYO, would this hinder "two eyes open" targeting? What is your knowledge/opinion on this sight. I would like to slap this on my SAR-1 and the Kobra on my SAR-2.

On another note, I have decided to get the Kobra and PO. I want to also add the PK-01V to the lot because the price is right (maybe). I guess the model 8 will work for me here in NC, but does it sit higher than the other? I decided not to get the PK-S01 because of availability. Not because I cannot get one, but I am concerned with replacement IF it goes bad. I figure the Kobras and POs are here to stay for a while. I will get the PK-S01 in the future after I get my primary optics.


Link Posted: 11/18/2003 8:55:44 AM EST
No firsthand use of either PK optic. But I like unobstructed views enough to even own a CMore (Campy still teases me).
You may be happy enough with the Kobra, and should have no trouble selling it if you are not due to the irregular supply from across the pond.
Kobra models have gone thru several revisions. I believe the current AA battery model (most recent shipment anyway) has the batteries more side mounted so it is 1/4" overall lower than the coin model which has the battery underneath. The coin version should be good for 70hours, and I trust a fresh one more than a recharged AA.
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