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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 11/1/2002 6:56:19 PM EST
I ran across a Hunter the other day. It has a milled receiver that is tapered by the mag well and a conventional rifle stock. It has a sliding mag release, fixed gas tube, different flip up rear sight, and longer trigger. It also has 3 tapped holes on the side of the receiver for a mount. The pins for the fcg appear to be the same as a conventional AK.

Are these rifles as reliable as the other AK variants?

What would this sell for? It wasn't listed in the Bluebook.

Would it be possible to configure this rifle like a standard rifle? I would need at least a gas block, gas tube, mag release, trigger and guard, and furniture.
Link Posted: 11/2/2002 6:30:45 AM EST
I enjoy mine, they seem to go for around $250, which I sure like more than the mil stocked guns of similar quality for $450 or so. There were few Hunters, and the specs evolved thru production, so they are not all the same. Mine has no provision for a side scope (may get drilled anyway) but has some set screws for threaded receiver holes at the rear of the receiver lid to keep the peeps stable. Love the 26" sight radius!
Changing the style bumps you into evil features land with the pistol grip, and parts count issues begin. Try the trigger, it is very fine once you adjust to the reach and lift up more than pull back. And I have never burnt my left hand thanks to the spacious wood handguard.
For what you spend converting it, you can buy a gun in that milspec style. I thank it for keeping me from buying a SKS, even though Campy still teases me for buying the Hunter.
PS- same 4" groups as my SAR1
Page AK-47 » Chinese
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