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Posted: 1/2/2007 9:17:25 PM EST
hey guys,
I am thinking of buying a yugo, and the only AK I have shot to compare it to is a VEPR. How would you guys with some experience with both say that they compare. Does a yugo have any quirks? Will it accept any mags? How accurate are they compared to a vepr? Does anyone have any experience with the underfolder with the synthetic forearm? I know this is alot of questions at once, but I am just trying to make a decision and would appreciate any help you could offer. Thanks
Link Posted: 1/3/2007 3:27:30 PM EST
i havn't had the chance to shoot a vepr. i can say though that it was the rifle i wanted when i settled for my yugo.

at the time i got my yugo the "first batch" was drying up with most suppliers. they were either out or backordered. at that time dealer cost was like 429.00. by the time i tracked mine down at military gun supply dealer price was 499. since then i've seen lower prices at cfs and j&g just to name a few. i am pleased with my yugo for the price.

i did have problems though. mostly a jam problem my second firing session. 3 jams in 100 rnds. luckily fellow members here walked me through figuring out why, and fixing it. i changed the extractor and spring.

besides the extractor i personally havn't had malfunctions. i've heard of and seen many "loose this, missing that" posts, but none that i can think of that caused more than just inconvinience or trip to the hardware store.recently someone had a uf with the wrong safety selector. it was getting caught on the folded stock.

overall i feel like i gambled on the yugo from century, and learned alot because of it.i really, in hind sight, should have bought a ban era ak and modified it to my taste. when i couldn't find a veprk then i started lusting that bayo lug and uf stock.

Link Posted: 1/3/2007 4:24:48 PM EST
Thanks for the reply, I have had bad luck with a couple of century rifles and the thought of dealing with another one really turns me off. I will probably stick with my veprk, it really is a nice rifle.
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