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Posted: 9/25/2004 11:12:43 AM EDT
This is what I want- an underfolder AK-47 with a slant brake. I was looking at K-var and Arsenal at there kits and receivers. Is an AK an easy build or would it be better to have say Arsenal do the build from a parts kit? Now can underfolders be done from a standard AK receiver or is it something special? Anyone have any idea what that would run me? Totally new to these AK's, but I think I gotta have one or two Just need some advice from you diehard AK guys and gals. Thanks
Link Posted: 9/25/2004 8:50:49 PM EDT
If you have the extra cash and don't mind waaaaiiiting, then send it off to be built. The cheapest easiest, quickest way is to screw it together. If you want to do a rivet job then"much abreviated" you will have to press your barrel "off then on" the front trunnion to get the rivets fastened. You will have to then "create" the button hole for the stock etc....Some people like the challenge.hinking.gif
Link Posted: 9/26/2004 10:47:15 AM EDT
Well can you get the trunnions all ready installed, kinda thing. I am sure I can put it together with a manual or guide of some kind. I have built AR's and FAL's so I know something about gun's, the trunnion thing though, I am not sure of?
Link Posted: 9/27/2004 2:07:36 PM EDT
I have built 2 so far, and one of them is the underfolder that you are describing. I bought a Polish kit from Shooters for $159 plus shipping, which included all parts except for the receiver. The barrel was pressed off the trunion, and all rivets were removed. I went with the Arsenal 1.6mm receiver, type 2 for $69.99. Unless you are a FFL dealer, you will probably pay an additional fee for their handling of paperwork. Is it easy to build one? I guess that depends on several factors, such as your proficiency with hand tools, what kind of tools/equipment you have, and to an extent, the condition of the parts kit you purchase. Some kits require removing parts of the old receiver, and others like mine came completely disassembled. You can buy the receiver (from Global Trades) with either the front or rear trunion installed, or both installed, for an additional fee. You can go to www.globaltrades.com to view receiver options. Having built AR's also, I can say that AK's will require more work and hand tools. Most of the work (in my opinion) involves assembling the trunions to the the receiver. Pressing the barrel in is easy if you have the right set up. The underfolder rear trunion will require additional holes in the receiver for the folding stock hardware, if you install this part yourself. If you like building AR's and FAL's then you should enjoy building an AK. Yeah, you could send your parts kit to Arsenal and they will build you a gun, but that takes away from the fun of building it yourself...
Link Posted: 9/27/2004 3:13:20 PM EDT
And a lot more money too.
Only build your ak if you have comman knowledge of hands on tool experience and measuring.
And understanding how the ak functions.
Also to be a hobby you think you might enjoy and have the patients for especially if you're using a blank receiver.
If you get someone else to build, you might as well just buy one, outright.
What would be the fun in that? You wouldn't be building......You would be paying someone to build it. You're just putting it together, which takes a total of maybe 10 minutes or so.
To me that's no build. If not having the tools is the problem than don't attempt the build.

By the time you've got the money tied up in shipping costs and ffl fees you could by a romanian to plink with. They're at the bottom of the Ak chain but a lot of fun to shoot.
It's fairly simple. I hate to be negative, but there are people out there that want to build. That have no clue on how the weapon operates they just like pulling the trigger.
To me there's nothing really intellegent in that, unless you're into ballistics or target precision for that matter.
Either way.....Just some insight.
Good luck,
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