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Posted: 9/30/2005 3:45:31 AM EDT
Recently I completed my first Ak build. It turned out pretty good. I used a Tapco folding stock set. It was the cheapest thing at the time. It seems to work okay, but I'm not overly impressed with it. It also looks a little goofy to me. I would like to use something else on the next one if it doesn't cost too much. The parts must be U.S. compliant for this build, so that has eliminated a lot of what I've found.

If I want to go with a folding stock, is there a cost effective alternative to the Tapco stock?

I've looked all over for fixed plastic stocks and it looks like the only practical option is the K-Var. Any opinions on this?

I'm really having trouble finding U.S. made wood parts. The only source I found was Ironwood Designs. Their products look good on their website. Any opinions about these? The walnut looks appealing. Would it be taboo to put walnut on an AK?

I actually considered trying to build my own wood parts. To be worth the trouble it would have to cost very little. I've found a source of walnut and birch near home, but have discovered it will cost quite a bit for what I would need. The biggest problem is I have to have excess for probable mistakes. The geomtry of the stock does not look too complex to me. I haven't actually done this before but am confident it can be done. If it doesn't work, I don't want to be out of much. Poplar is available locally pretty cheap. Would this work or is it too soft and/or weak for such use?

If I use a U.S. made wood stock set and use the original Romanian metal stock parts such as the butt plate, sling swivel, etc., is it still U.S. Compliant?
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