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Posted: 9/24/2005 7:11:54 AM EDT
I am looking for an AK47. I need some help and advice. I had owned a polytech and Romanian junker in the past but really have never been a fan of the AK. I have a pretty limited knowledge base. For some reason, lately, an AK has become a really interesting rifle. I really need the longer buttstock. I am a big guy and I think the short buttstock is what really turned me off to the AK in the past. When I would hold the rifle up...it wouldn't even touch my shoulder. I would prefer wood stocks rather than synthetic just out of preference. I am not sure if I need or want a folding stock but I would like to leave that option open. Also, I am debating caliber. Should I go with a 762X39 or the AK74? Does the 762X39 offer a ballistic advantage over the .223 and/or the 545X39. I would also like a slant brake or muzzle brake on it as well. I would appreciate any advice, comments etc... regarding type, caliber, mfg, Stamped VS milled receiver etc.. Thanks in advance
Link Posted: 9/24/2005 8:39:47 AM EDT
a Arsenal or Vepr AK would be a step up from those rommy beaters

for AKs, i would go w/ 7.62x39-- ammo is cheaper, more avaiable than 5.45, and is the origional

they all have around the same ballistics 'knockdown'--but they wound differently--which makes a difference (the 2.23 fragments, 5.45 tumbles, and 7.62 chunnles and has the weight advantage--if i remember correctly)--overall, the first 2 rely on hi velocity, while the 7.62 relies on a mix of weight and moderate velocity

hw, the 7.62 tends to be less accurate than the other two....

nothing wrong with either a stamped or milled reciever, but i hear that stamped ones are easier to get parts/accessories for

i cant help you on the wood stocks ( i too hated the rommy short stock) b/c i prefer plastic/metal stocks--folding

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