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Posted: 10/8/2004 7:21:24 AM EDT
Tell me about these long barreled wonders....

I was at a gunshow and there was an NHM-91 for sale. The guy said he'd take $400 for it but... The muzzle nut was present, however the plunger wouldn't plunge. It was as if a rod was just inserted to keep the nut from coming off... The Furniture was pre-89 style. (Pistol grip with the big buttstock) The buttstock did not fit flush with the receiver and looked like a "take-off" part added in place of a T-hole perhaps. Lastly the FCG was the Chinese "pink" looking parts. AFAIK, it was a contra-ban non-922(r) compliant weapon.

I passed because it was the weekend after the 94 AWB sunset and I felt as though it could perhaps be an ATF sting...(94 was gone, but 89 still applies) The seller was trying to tell me it was "Pre-ban" but AFAIK, wasn't the NHM-91 imported after 89? I wanted it, almost bought it with the agreement that the guy would disassemble the stocks and FCG from it and I would buy it as "Parts".

I'd appreciate it if some knowledgeable guys could educate me on the NHM 90/91s. What are the differeneces, what's good/bad etc. Did I screw up? Is $400 a decent enough price? Any thoughts are appreciated. I don't think it sold and the guy might be at another show in December where I might pick it up. (I really want one of them long barreled SOBs)


Link Posted: 10/8/2004 7:28:22 AM EDT
My has the permanent pin/ plunger too, can't wait to drill out the FSB retaining pin so I can take off the Chi-com muzzle brake and replace it with an American made flash-hider.

The seller sounded like he was just a dumbass. Would be a bit too much of an entrapment for the ATF to pull something like that. IMO.
Link Posted: 10/8/2004 7:31:41 AM EDT
You were correct as to it not being pre-89. The -91 in NHM-91, stands for 1991, the year they began importing them.

$400 would be a good price, but I'd have him remove the stock and pistol grip first. Now, if you knew for a fact that the FCG, gas piston, and pistol grip were U.S. made, that would make it a "U.S. made" rifle, not an import, and therefore perfectly legal. However, when in doubt, stay with the legal and safe choice.

Link Posted: 10/8/2004 7:41:47 AM EDT
I had and NHM-91. The fake plunger pin came right out of mine. It was not a true plunger pin. It was a solid pin that was pressed in. There was no spring.

All I did was grab it with a pair of needle nose pliers and pulled it out. I did not have to punch out the FSB retainer pins on mine. Try that first.
Link Posted: 10/8/2004 7:43:13 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 10/8/2004 7:43:58 AM EDT by I-M-A-WMD]
Thanks for the quick responses guys.

I figured to let things cool off a bit. IIRC, the same guy was selling a FAL during the 94 ban which had a Flash Suppresor, not a brake, welded to the naked barrel. This was obvious to me it was not legal. (It was one of those cheap CAI FALs) So needless to say, there were bells going off.

As it were I picked up a real nice Pre-89 Chicomm AK47S with under folding bayonet.

So what, if any, difference is there between the NHM-90 and NHM-91? (Just the date of import/manufacture?)

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