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Posted: 9/16/2004 5:19:57 PM EDT
Hello. This is my first post here, so go easy on me if this has already been a topic. I checked in "reloading" and saw only two posts - none of which involved the mighty .308...

I have a .308 Savage bolt gun. I thought I really enjoyed it until I shot my friend's Saiga .308. You just can't beat fast follow-up shots. I liked it so much, I'm considering selling the Savage and buying a Saiga. (I can't have both due to financial restrictions.) There would be enough money left over from the sale to accessorize (yipee!) the Saiga however I want. I'll be lurking here more often for tips and tricks - the trigger conversion is first on the agenda.

I have Lee roloading equipment that I bought for my bolt-action, but I've not used it yet. Naturally, I'll be expending more ammo with the Saiga, and I'll be more inclined to start reloading.

I guess my main question is: would it also improve my accuracy? The one concern I have is the ejected cases from the Saiga - I've never inspected any yet, but do they get "dinged" up too badly when they get spit out? Unless anyone advises me against it, I'll probably give it a go.

See ya'll around.
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