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Posted: 10/19/2004 7:27:52 AM EDT
Okay, I've said for years that I've wanted an AK. I've been fairly stubborn in avoiding the stamped receivers on the grounds that it will wear out faster. I've been looking at the Bulgarian "SLR" milled series. They look very good. My main question is: I am probably only going to have time and money to fire at the most extreme estimate 5,000 rounds out of an AK over the course of my life. If this is the case, does it really matter which one I go with? Should I just go with a nice stamped one and buy lots of mags and ammo? Or should I hold out to get a Bulgy or some other nice milled example?
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5,000 rounds.... Get either a stamped or a milled and when you're done with it, the next guy will enjoy having an AK that's "just barely broke in".

I have 2 milled Bulgarians by ARSENAL INC and now have added 3 stamped Chi-comms. I got the milled versions first and have come around to understanding that stamped is just fine too.

Obligatory answer- GET BOTH.

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Thanks for the input. I think I like the 7.62 round just for universal availability and cheapness. So, Bulgarians are really good for milled. What about for stamped? Any brands/country of origin to avoid? Also, any tricks about mags I need to learn (ie some won't run in some other countries rifle, etc?) As to the obligatory answer of get both--I wish I could. I'm a broke college student who likes C&Rs a ton, but wants an AK and an FAL. So, my budget is severely limited. As it is, I'm in a toss up as to what to try for at the next fun show (a C&R I don't have yet, a nice pump 12 gauge, maybe if I'm lucky a decent AK, or just save more to get an FAL).
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On the Romy check to see if the front sight block is straight,, I have seen several including one of my own (that I bought sight unseen) that are so crooked that they have to be taken off set straight and redrilled/pinned so it will at least get on the paper at 100 yards. I built two Bulgy 74s and first time on the range at 100 yards I was hitting the X ring on silouette, never even had to do anything to the front sight. Nothing against the Romys , they function well but their quality control isn't as good as some of the other Eastern Bloc countries.
Link Posted: 10/19/2004 7:05:26 PM EDT
2lbs lighter for what is otherwise the same gun.
More accurate (not sure exactly how much more, but extensive Soviet testing done prior to the AK47 to AKM switch proved it).
Link Posted: 10/20/2004 3:39:17 AM EDT
imo a milled receiver has a higher perceived value and doesn't appear as "cheap", but otherwise there's not much difference. However many will consider the weigh saves on the stamped a plus.
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Link Posted: 10/20/2004 8:00:57 AM EDT
Okay, so I went into my local shop, just to check it out. Found an SAR-1 (Romanian) by Century. They list it as new, and I'm pretty sure it's been in the shop a while. One 40 rnd mag, no MB, threads, or anything. They were asking $330. Seems a bit high to me. Any thoughts on that?
Link Posted: 10/20/2004 11:27:17 PM EDT
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