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Posted: 8/28/2005 8:42:42 AM EDT
I have a post-ban, slant-cut milled Norinco Mak 90 that needs some attention. I'm thinking about losing the Chinese receiver and using the rest of the parts in a USA made milled receiver and upgrading some of the barrel parts to restore the rifle to AK-47 goodness..

I don't know whether or not it would be cost-effective, I just want a good, solid, robust AK, free of BATFE angst when it's all said and done.

Does anybody have any experience with USA milled receivers and/or assemblers who have done this before?
Link Posted: 8/28/2005 9:31:00 AM EDT
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Link Posted: 8/28/2005 9:43:27 AM EDT
Or you can buy a stock set from ironwood. They make a stock for the slant cut milled guns. Then update your mags with $10 worth of non-imported followers and floorplates and you will have a nice pistol gripped AK for less than a $100. If you want to restore the lug and provision for the cleaning rod you will have to replace the gas block and front sight base. Not too hard to do especially if you have access to a press. Nobody is stocking these parts anymore but they can be found if you keep an eye out. Total investment should be less than $200 for the whole job.

BTW, any US milled receivers out there cost @$400 and are made to Euro specs, not Chinese.
Link Posted: 8/28/2005 9:49:16 AM EDT
imo, it's not worth the time or effort to have it rebuilt like that. the US made receivers are expensive and building a new rifle is also expensive.

you'd need to thread the muzzle, change FSB and GB to made it evil and then add 3 US parts to make it legal. you could get a new barrel from PolyTech but it doesn't have a bayo lug, it instead uses the less common early style bayonet.

if it was my rifle i'd have it rebarreled with a new PolyTech barrel and get an Ironwood Designs stockset and G2 FCG. that'll cost ~$350 vs $800+ to have it rebuilt on a new receiver. another option is to just buy an Arsenal Inc SA M7 instead, pricewise it falls in between the two and you'll end up with the best commercially available AK.
Link Posted: 8/28/2005 2:06:39 PM EDT
Anybody got the Inrange link and contact info? I'd like to examine the option, at least.
Link Posted: 8/28/2005 2:41:41 PM EDT
Link Posted: 8/29/2005 8:37:59 PM EDT
Link Posted: 9/2/2005 9:09:29 AM EDT
Here is a pic of my Chineese Milled slant cut receiver MAK-90 w/Ironwood Designs stocked refinished by myself:

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