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Posted: 8/12/2008 12:51:16 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 8/12/2008 12:48:58 PM EDT by Electricview]
Hey guys, So after countless problems with the gun failing to extract (and fixed now with ammo thats not reloaded too hot).. i now have problems with rounds not feeding sometimes when they are on the left side of the mag (looking down while its in the gun without the cover on).

If i HOLD the mag with my left hand and push it up it seems to work just fine but if i dont hold the mag, sometimes what happens is that the bolt comes foward after a shot, and if the bullet is on the left side of the mag, it doesnt seem to grab the lip of the case of the bullet, and just slides over the top (often times scratching the brass).. as it gets a little further up the case of the brass it has enough grab to now push the bullet forward some but jams at that point...

So yes there's some mag wobble.. I think i have found what may be the problem, the magazine release lever doesnt seem to to be level, it seems like it slants up up on the left side (when the gun is flipped over).. but maybe its just my eyes.. please take a look at the shots..

Here's an image of how the magazine looks when i am  pushing it up with my hand

HEre's an image when i dont hold it up with my hand.

and lastly here's a picture of the mag release lever being pushed up and not being pushed up, you can see the gap that exists.

(NOT pushed up)

(pushed up)

So what do you guys think? some quality century arms work here? or am i just stupid and seeing an opitical illusion..

This gun came with 2 mags, they both have this problem. I dont wana buy more mags to find out its the gun that is the problem.. So my question is, can i replace this lever easily? I dont have welding tools or anything.. Is it possible for me to do it still? I've done minor work some of my guns, so i have some basic tools like a punch, rubber mallet, and tac hammer, clamp...

Please express your thougths, as this gun has been nothing but trouble sinc ethe day i bougth it and if i can just get the rounds to fire without me having to hold the mags in i might be happy with it!..

Link Posted: 8/12/2008 6:58:33 AM EDT
im sure someone who knows for sure will post here in a few minutes.....but yeah that does not look right to me either....when the mag is not manually pushed up there is a definite gap that may be part of your problem...
Link Posted: 8/12/2008 7:05:33 AM EDT
hi ,yes youre mag. catch has been ground down to far and needs to be replaced.  if you purchased the rifle new send it back to century and let them fix it under warranty as some times those mag. catchs can be a real PITA. to change out and fit.....     hope this helps   BM
Link Posted: 8/12/2008 12:50:05 PM EDT
YEs purchased new, i've taken it back to the shop many times, they are probably tired of seeing me there.. So is sending it BACK to CIA something i do manually? I think the place i bought it from bought it from a distributor and not directly from CIA themselfs.. I have no clue how to handle this?
Link Posted: 8/13/2008 1:40:45 PM EDT
I think you should replace the mag catch lever.

It's a drag, but it's NOT impossible.  You WILL fight like hell with the spring.  I've done several of these, and beer helps :)
Link Posted: 8/14/2008 4:40:17 PM EDT
Well i called century they said i can send it in, tho i have to pay shipping there.. that kinda sucks :(.. but as long as they fix it on the first try i guess i cant complain too much!..

I'll let the forum know if they fix it for future people who have problems with the .223 version of this gun.

Link Posted: 8/19/2008 9:56:40 AM EDT
Just fyi, i sent it into century.. 24 dollars on my dime.. youch.. I guess if they fix it right the first time i cant complain too much but now the deal i got for the rifle is mooted after having to pay shiping to century.. gah...

Careful with these .223's they aren't made like the 7.62's....

Link Posted: 10/19/2008 5:41:21 PM EDT
Thanks for posting this. I've had trouble with a WASR-2 5.45mm rifle. It seems to FTF from the right side. Function tests raised double feed and FTF issues. At the range, I put 90 rds. of 53gr. 1976 Tula-mfr. 7n6 ammo through it and 25 rds. of 70gr. Wolf. Out of 115 rounds, there were 4 FTFs and 1 case where the bolt failed to close or go into battery, but the hammer seemed to fall.

I had cleaned it and lubricated it first too. I also drew back the bolt about 150+ times... I suspect the bolt carrier is wearing/rubbing against the right side, which might be a cause, or perhaps the mag catch, similar to your issue above. I have also decided to return it to Century to see if it might be fixed. We'll see...
Link Posted: 11/19/2008 9:15:57 PM EDT
Just to update people, I got it back from century, and the mag catch lever wouldn't click into place, as a matter of fact, it wouldn't even ride up onto the hitch of the mag (i.e. i could just pull the mag out without even touching the lever) so i used a small file and filed down the match lever little bit by bit untill inserting a mag made it 'click'. IT is better, but is still having the exact same failure to feed occasionally.. the bolt just slides over the bullet, scratches part of the shell, and then forces it forward enough so that the bullet rams into the lower part of the chamber and jams the gun up.

Fortunately its far less prevelant, and only seems to happen 1 out of 10 or 12 shots, and more so with one mag over the other. I dont think i've ruined the lever again, but i am questioning the quality of these mags and/or the gun. I got the mags WITh the gun when i bought it. 2 - 30 rounders, which i'm ASUMING are the rommie copy's of the weiger's. I've ordered 1 weiger to see if it will work any better.. But gah, i gotta say..  STAY away from these 5.56's ak's even if they are being phased out, its for good reason.

btw took nearly 3 months to get it back from Century.. ugh...
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