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Posted: 1/12/2005 4:57:07 PM EDT
My dream gun is one which looks just like the AK-74 (Hopefully with the same mag profile) but shoots a 5.56. Does such an AK exist and is it 'AK' reliable? I have seen the SAR-3 and the mag profile from the side is a little off. I guess I could live with a little different mag if all else was the same.

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Russians make three of them. They are from their century series.

Link Posted: 1/12/2005 5:58:24 PM EDT
A saiga conversion is gonna be the closest 5.56 74 clone you can get. FOr the sar3 use modified bakelite mags.
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Oh Great Karnak, what other goodies might we expect? AK-103 perhaps? Do tell us and enlighten us!
And we need plenty of mags for that bad boy...........IF it comes to fruition

Originally Posted By Templar:
There may be a possilbility of Arsenal Inc. offering a clone of the AK-101.

I'm not promising, I'm just saying..............


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Tantal has 5.56mm Polish Beryl mags in stock. Pricey, but available..

For anyone who hasn't done business with Tantal, he's always been a great guy to deal with in my experience.

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Templar, did they go back to the 1st generation design of Bulgarian 5.56 NATO mags or did they scrap both designs and try something different?

I'm referring to that post by a gentlemen who worked for Marshall Arms. He talked about how most .223 AKs are messed up either with the feed ramps or magazines, etc.

Also, who's going to be importing Saigas now that EAA had a fall out with them? That may well determine if somebody makes a true AK-101 conversion. If Arsenal has something superior in mind, I'll be the first to send you a check for one. A Valmet M76 look-alike would be perfect (chrome lined barrel, integrated gas block and gas tube, etc.). That Yugoslav M-21(www.zastava-arms.co.yu/images/vojni/m21/m21_english.htm) has a Pictinny rail on the receiver, and that would even be better. The only problem I have with Arsenal's .223 rifle is it's heavy receiver. 8 lbs for a .223 carbine is way too much weight, especially when I can get a 5.45x39 AK-74 instead at a lower cost.

Thanks for the info Templar,

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Krebs Custom will make you any 74 original russian design you want within federal limits, if you want a Russian Afghan war 74, they'll make it.
Link Posted: 1/13/2005 6:54:59 PM EDT
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