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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 1/17/2006 8:38:05 AM EDT
As the title says, if i move the gas chamber 1mm, will the hole in the barrel be blocked?
Link Posted: 1/17/2006 9:47:20 AM EDT
1mm will not block the hole but it will reduce the area of the hole and possible cause short stroking. What are you trying to do?
Link Posted: 1/17/2006 9:59:24 AM EDT
the barrel assembly was pressed in slightly off and i was wanting to reposition the gas chamber and front barrel. i ordered preban parts also. i am still unsure if i am suppost to drill the sight, gas tube to 1/8 while it still on the barrel or not.

Link Posted: 1/17/2006 10:34:59 AM EDT
Slightly off as in canted or pressed in too far/not far enough? You might be able to drill out the gass block hole some to make sure it still cover the hole in the barrel. There would be no need to drill all the way through just drill a little cup in the gass block hole where it meets the hole in the barrel. That would make sure you arn't shutting off the gass and would not change the gass port size.
Link Posted: 1/17/2006 11:30:23 AM EDT
Yeah, the bareel was slightly canted, maybe 1mm. am i suppost to leave the gas block on the barrel when i drill the holes again with a 1/8 drill bit or just the gas block while its off the barrel. i have already got some 1/8 steel rod for the new pins.
Link Posted: 1/17/2006 11:54:13 AM EDT
Take the gass block off of the barrel. If you look where the barrel goes through the gass block there is a hole that the gasses follow up into the block on their way to the piston. That is the one I'm talking about. You just want to enlarge it enough to compensate for the misalignmnet of the holes when you move the gass block. Start with one drill bit size larger than the hole and see if you think it's enough. You may need to go up one more. Also you don't need to drill all the way through the block just enough to open the mouth of the hole.
Link Posted: 1/17/2006 12:11:40 PM EDT
what about when i readjust the gas port onto the barrel, do i use my 1/8 drill and drill the holes out while it is still on the barrel or do i take it off and enlarge the existing holes on the gas chamber housing. I will be using 1/8 steel rod cut to .50 inch to use for the retaining pins.
Link Posted: 1/17/2006 12:14:35 PM EDT
I have seen some, take a .25 in drill bit and drill a hole over the gas hole on the barrel. This will also work.
Link Posted: 1/17/2006 1:07:30 PM EDT
what about the holes that you have to redrill to center the front sight/gas assembly? i have 1/8 drill bit and retaining pins.
Link Posted: 1/18/2006 5:16:05 AM EDT
Drill the pins that hold the gass block to the barrel after you reinstall and reposition it.
Link Posted: 1/18/2006 7:35:25 AM EDT
thanks for the help guys, i will let ya know how it turns out.

Link Posted: 1/18/2006 2:59:41 PM EDT
More guys from KY.

Am I smelling a build party
Link Posted: 1/18/2006 5:07:16 PM EDT

Originally Posted By LawDog205:
More guys from KY.

Am I smelling a build partyhr

i hear ya there hug.gif
Link Posted: 1/19/2006 4:53:04 AM EDT
I'll be darn, I didn't even notice what state you guys were from. How far are you all from Knob Creek? I'm about 45-60 minutes and Knob Creek is where I shoot.
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