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Posted: 3/28/2006 8:11:49 PM EDT
What are all the pieces I need to make an Ak-47 or w/e, Or I am going to buy a WASR-10. Just trying to find my options
Link Posted: 3/29/2006 2:54:40 AM EDT
Get an AK-kit , most of what you need is there, you will also need your U.S. made parts. Those are usually a pistol grip, gas piston, fire control group, etc. Also your build tools of course; bending jig, 12 ton press, drill press, riveting tools etc. This all might seem kind of daunting and if you only want one rifle, I would just buy one. Hope this helps.
Link Posted: 3/29/2006 4:18:58 AM EDT
If the question was in regards to what pieces are required to put a parts kit together, then yes, all the pieces should be included with the parts kit, with the exception of the receiver. Then you'll need the US compliant parts such as trigger group, gas piston, pistol grip, buttstock, both front handguards, etc., ect (or a combination to get atleast 6 US made parts).

If the question was in regards to tooling, then this is basically a cut and paste responce to a previous post....

Originally Posted By InheritedAnArsenal:
OK, I've looked for these in the tacked posts and haven't had much luck.

I'm playing w/ the idea of building an AK. I'm not up to bending metal so I'll just buy a 100% receiver. I have some questions

1. About how much to build a good quality AK?
On average, my romy builds have cost me around $89 for the kits and around $50 for the compliance parts and $50 for 100% receivers...so roughly $200 - $250 a build. I am currently working on flats bending, so I am lowering my build cost.

2. About how long to build?
First build took me about 8 hours, but have gotten that down to around 4 hours.

3. How much?
For what?

4. Would it need to be blued or whatever afterwards?
On my Yugo underfolders, the receivers camed already blued from DCI, so nothing needed being blued. On my romy builds, I opted to spray paint them with DupliColor High Temp Engine paint.

5. What kind of tools would I need?
My basic tools are a 12 ton press (I paid under $100)
A spot welder (under $100)
a vice ($50)
a trigger jig ($50)
gear pullers ($12)
a bolt cutter/rivet smasher ($50)
a Dremel tool ($39)
a drill press ($39)
and a couple other tools, but you don't need everything that I mentioned above.

Thank you and I apologize if I missed where this info is.

Link Posted: 3/29/2006 6:39:25 AM EDT
You could always buy the parts kit, compliance parts, and receiver and look for a "build party" close to you. No need to invest in all those tools for one gun. If you don't find one, start mentioning it like it's really going to happen in your area. You are sure to get people fired up about it that way.
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