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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 9/10/2003 7:31:35 AM EST
I just finally picked up my new SAR yesterday. It came with no manual, but did come with a sling. This sling has one clip to attach it with, and a buckle on the other end. How the heck do I use this thing? It does not seem long enough to do much with. I guess this is a single point sling. Also, where do I learn about disassembly, cleaning, etc?
Link Posted: 9/10/2003 8:56:15 AM EST
[Last Edit: 9/11/2003 7:45:28 AM EST by zhukov]

Look at the "Tutorials" section for info about the sling.
Link Posted: 9/10/2003 9:36:51 AM EST
[Last Edit: 9/10/2003 9:41:32 AM EST by Fruit_of_the_Looms]
Collin, I have a copy of the US Army manual for AK's on CD and can e-mail you a copy, if you like. It's a pdf file. Let me know.

To attach the sling:
  • Lay the rifle on your lap with the left side up.

  • Pass the snap through the front side of the rear swivel.

  • Loop around the swivel towards the front of the rifle and pass the snap through the sling keeper (that little loop that slides around).
  • Now pass the snap through the the buckle, under the buckle edge closest to the rear, then over the loop of sling the buckle is sewed to, and back under the edge of the buckle farthest from the rear.
  • Pull the snap forward and snap it over the front eye on the forearm ferrule.

  • And if you followed all that you might have a sling that is properly attached. It took me a bit to figure it out. But's it's one of those things that's real simple once you figure it out.
    Link Posted: 9/11/2003 5:26:25 AM EST
    Check out the pic in OldTroop's thread. This is how you mount the sling.

    Link Posted: 9/11/2003 7:27:15 AM EST
    Linky no worky
    Link Posted: 9/11/2003 7:29:30 AM EST
    [Last Edit: 9/11/2003 7:29:49 AM EST by Boomholzer]
    Those AK slings are loud and clumbsy.

    The clasp (clip) also leaves metallic marks on the rifle's finish.

    I took them back off.
    Link Posted: 9/11/2003 7:33:28 AM EST
    Link Posted: 9/11/2003 7:38:44 AM EST

    Originally Posted By Aimless:
    Anybody know of a good tactical type sling that'll fit the SARs so I can ditch the sling it came with?

    I would like a few also.

    That damn loop near the muzzle end is too narrow for a strap.
    Link Posted: 9/11/2003 8:09:09 AM EST
    An SKS sling with those little leather tabs should fit. Not real tactical, but...

    I'll bet with a Chicago Screw and a little leather you could whip up a tab for another sling though.
    Link Posted: 9/13/2003 8:04:24 PM EST
    [Last Edit: 9/13/2003 8:09:30 PM EST by OldTroop]
    Go to "pictures of your ak" up above this thread, I have 3 pics there on the last page.i have a Rom AK for sale in a thread below this one that has the Rom sling attached. I really dont like the Rom slings, I use mostly the chinese with the leather tabs, they dont scratch your guns finish up.
    Link Posted: 9/15/2003 6:40:42 AM EST
    I have put 2,300 rds through my SAR-1 in 6 trips to the range without one problem!
    Link Posted: 9/18/2003 5:32:23 AM EST

    Originally Posted By Aimless:
    Anybody know of a good tactical type sling that'll fit the SARs so I can ditch the sling it came with?

    I have this sling on both my AK & my AR.

    Good "tactical" sling. If ya buy one make sure you look at the pics to see how to wear it correctly.
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