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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 8/13/2005 8:28:27 PM EDT
I just read about the ATF letter RE: Kit importation. I have already seen that kits are sold out on some web sites and others are no longer posting prices. I was actually thinking of getting my first AK and HK clone this weekend. I have not been to a show in about 8 months so what should I expect to see in about 8 hours when the doors open ?

I am having tons of fun building some AR's and was toying with a AK kit but from the looks of it I think the prices may be a bit high to be "toying with the idea". The AK seems to require a few more tools than a AR and it may not be worth investing in them if the kits are going to dry up.

Should I bring the "KY Jelly" to the show ?

Link Posted: 8/14/2005 6:20:51 AM EDT
If you are going to the orlando show the prices were not too bad and one fellow had a bunch of ak kits for $129 for the romy, + is no shipping

There was one fellow selling flats but after getting one from midwestarmory I realized the one he was selling were REALLY thin.

The cetme kits are all but gone I have not seen one in a year or so G3 kits are still around FAC had some nice FMP kits.

You may want to put up a WTB here and over on the gunboards trader and cetme forum.
Link Posted: 8/14/2005 11:10:24 AM EDT
I just got back.. Orlando... is that why West Palm stunk ?? I knew there had to be a reason that there was such a low count on the sellers. I went with wads of cash but not as many vendors as usual. I wanted to pick up some LPK's and other stuff but no dice. There was one vendor there who did frequent this board at one time and is on the FL Shooters network with a bunch of AR lowers, 2 Romy kits, and a bunch of Ohio Ordnance AK lowers. He is local and seems to be a nice guy so I picked up a RRA lower for a pistol build. I did not feel comfterable buying on a whim and if I want to do a build he is local so I can pick up the AK receiver.

So I am back to searching for a good quality kit and once found I'll give him a ring and pick up a receiver. Part of me also says to just buy an AK rifle and pistol and be done with it. If parts kits will be that difficult to get at a good price why bother buying the necessary tools to build one. Unless someone starts producing barrels stateside those kits will eventually dry up and between now and then the prices will be too high to justify building. I'll read the build sticky and see what exactly I will need for the build but if I need to buy a large press and such I'll never justify the savings by doing a kit. Such a shame...
Link Posted: 8/14/2005 11:55:34 AM EDT
IIRC Scottgull is the guy to go to for Kit sales on Rommies. He DID have "B" grade kits with dingy wood for 89$, then A grade kits for 99$+s/h, and as of right now he has mixed s/n Rommies for 95$ plus s/h if you are still in the market.

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