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Posted: 8/15/2005 3:29:32 PM EDT
I found this ammo and oiler in an old box. I've had it for probably 10 years. Ammo was wrapped in white cardboard with duct around it. Casings appear copper in color.

Link Posted: 8/15/2005 4:55:19 PM EDT
Link Posted: 8/15/2005 5:25:21 PM EDT
Anyone know anything about the oiler? Chinese also?
Link Posted: 8/15/2005 5:34:06 PM EDT
Link Posted: 8/18/2005 10:31:54 AM EDT
It is Chinese ammo and a Chinese oil bottle.mywebpages.comcast.net/jfreeman246/ak_rifle_ammo.htm
Check the color of the case mouth sealer to tell what type bullet it is loaded with.
Link Posted: 8/18/2005 10:42:18 AM EDT
Chinese ammo, good stuff but Corrosive as hell, Make sure you clean everything (Bore/Bolt/Gas tube/Piston) with hot soapy water after you shoot it.
Link Posted: 8/18/2005 11:58:43 AM EDT
I remember when this stuff was $66 per case of 1200 on stipper clips...damn those were the good old days.
Link Posted: 8/27/2005 3:42:26 AM EDT
That stuff smelled like an ammonia commercial and was accurate as hell out of the Russian Simonovs.Gooood-S___T!!!!. I must be naive but I did not know the stuff was corrosive -I used to clean the heck out of the rifles each time I went to the range so I guess it did not matter nmuch anyhow. The steel core Norinco was cheaper than the lead core and also gave good accuracy.
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