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Posted: 1/6/2005 7:46:55 PM EDT
I am wanting to buy a extra bolt carrier with bolt.  So I am wondering if there is any headspacing required?  Also are all AK parts made to the same specs?  I am thinking about going with a polytech bolt carrier instead of a romanian one.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated
Link Posted: 1/6/2005 9:46:04 PM EDT
+1 I am currious about this to
Link Posted: 1/6/2005 10:14:59 PM EDT
A different bolt would need to be checked for headspace and adjusted unless you luck out.

I dont think you can use chinese carriers in a europeon receiver without some serious adjustments
chinese and europeon stamped receivers are made to different dimentions.

Link Posted: 1/11/2005 6:35:01 PM EDT
I did a search but came up with nothing, what is headspace and how do i check it?

Link Posted: 1/11/2005 7:10:00 PM EDT
I will post  a pic of  excessive headspace failure on a cartridge, if you are lucky interchanging bolts will work, but you must check tolerances first before firing live rounds!!! For your eye's and your fingers and what else gets in the way of a catastrophic failure.  PoHF
Link Posted: 1/11/2005 9:29:31 PM EDT
ok i think i know what head space is...

is it how much of the end of the cartridge hangs out the chamber?
if so how can a bolt carrier change it?
Link Posted: 1/12/2005 7:59:13 AM EDT
Changing the bolt, carrier, or both may alter the headspace.... more likely to when switching country of origin....
Link Posted: 1/12/2005 1:41:53 PM EDT
Any easy way to check it? Ive heard of someone using masking tape can it be used? I had a bunch of AMD-65 kits and sold all of them but two. After I put them together I noticed that one of the bolts and carrier did not match the rest of the parts. I have cycled it by hand with out a problem but Im sure it would do this even with the headspace off. Is there anything I can do to check it? If it is off what would need to be done? Would filing down the bolt correct it?
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