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9/19/2017 7:27:10 PM
Posted: 3/27/2006 3:12:01 PM EDT
I must say from the beginning...........I have not yet field tested this Scope to know how it holds zero and such.........but I thought I would let you guys know about this deal before the package sells out !

Saw an ad in a magazine for a 3x9 variable scope with "lighted" reticle along with a mount for the SKS rifle. The scope also boasted a Bullet drop compensator.......and was considered a "compact" design scope. The mount is unique in that it replaces the rear receiver piece...........and has a weaver rail system built on top. The elevated rail system still allows the shooter to use his iron sights if needed !
The scope and mount are made in China....

OK........... all this for $69.97........... I thought I would take a chance........ I am pretty picky about my eqiupment and don't like buying junk or stuff that is half-ass.

When it was delivered, I was shocked. A real nice Compact Scope was inside. The reticle was the military style with hash marks on both cross hairs. Also the inner third was thinner than the rest.
OK.......... will it focus with the red light on............ Another surprise !! The scope had a nice Diaopter ring and I was able to get the cross hairs to focus to sharp lines with my glasses on.......GREAT.

Yep....it came with a bullet drop compensator as advertised from 100 meters out to 500 meters.

The mount just slapped on my rifle........... and with some minor fitting..........I was good to go. Because of the major complaint with this type of mount -- being that it has some "play" with the rifle's receiver.......I put a shim in mine to "lock" the mount down tight with the rifle. I will have to see how well this shim holds up under fire. But there is absolutely no play in the scope mount and rifle.

The scope is compact enough........I don't believe a shell deflector is going to be needed ???

Over all I was really impressed with the set up..........very professional looking........ does not look cheap or like something that belongs on an airsoft gun

Like I said in the beginning.............I have not tested this set-up under fire yet.............the cross hairs could fall out, for all I know ----- but I was so impressed with the scope .....I ordered a second one !!
When I can get things to focus into sharp clear (lighted) lines with my glasses on......... it must be a damn good optical instrument.

Oh, you might want to know where to get this deal........... www.cheaperthandirt.com

item # SCP-014

Let me know what you think.........??
Link Posted: 3/28/2006 11:31:20 AM EDT
That does look really nice!

This Winter I got a $35 scope and mount from Copes. Many folks bad mouth them, but it fit perfect on my Yugo SKS. Gives a very bright sight picture even in dim light. With the open sights at 75' I'm lucky to keep the shots w/i the 8 ring in that poor indoor lighting. Even this cheap scope allows me a bright and sharp picture and I can knock out bullseyes every time.
What I really need to do is try it at an outdoor 100 yd range though.

If I didn't alrady have what I have, I do think I'd try one like you got.

My gun throws cases forwards and upwards. They never hit the scope. No deflector needed.
Link Posted: 3/31/2006 8:17:00 PM EDT
To anyone who has followed my footsteps........and bought the above scope and mount:

There is some fitting that needs to be done to the mount.......and if done carefully the replacement receiver cover will fit tight without any wiggle.

If anyone is interested in how I fitted the receiver cover with scope mount attached............just ask and I will try and write up how I did mine.

The scope comes with a sheet describing the process.............. but I think I can add some pointers that can help. What makes this deal so great --- the mount & cover is milled from a solid piece of steel, so it is very solid. It was NOT done on a CNC machine, so the milling is very basic and pretty rough looking - but solid none the less.

Link Posted: 4/1/2006 5:22:00 AM EDT
I'd like to hear your process. Also, any pics?

Link Posted: 4/2/2006 8:11:26 PM EDT
2 things to check when fitting the rear receiver cover.

First remove the bolt carrier and take the spring out the back. Now you can insert the new receiver cover and bolt carrier together...to see how they mate outside of the rifle. You want the bolt carrier to slide easily front and back inside the new cover.

Next fit the new cover on the rilfe with the bolt and bolt carrier removed.............this way you can see how the rail system of the new cover meets the rails of the front section of the gun's receiver.
If these rails do not meet cleanly......you will find that your bolt and carrier will hang up while the gun is trying to re-cock itself.

Fitment can be accomplished by paying attention to 2 areas. First most of the new covers [ that contain the scope mount ] have forward rails that are too long. You might have to shorten them just a tiny bit. 2 that I have worked on...... also needed the ends of the rails narrowed a little bit with a small file.

Next the rails 45 degree angle will need to be shortened. Take a file across both rails at one time, maintaining the 45 degree angle.........taking off a small amount of metal from both. Check the cover's fit frequently......only a small amount of filing will do the trick.

Basically, you want to match the new cover to the old one. If the new cover is loose at the front.....the directions say you can use a vise and bend the tip of each rail "outward" to snug up the fitment. I never had to do this with the 2 covers I worked on. On one of the covers, I had to put a metal shim at the rear to tighten up the fitment between the cover and rifles frame. I had to tap it in with a brass hammer.....but the cover is extremely tight.....absolutely no movement on this cover , so the scope will remain rock soild. Taking the cover off for cleaning will be more difficult.............but I don't plan on removing this cover every time I shoot the gun.

There are many types of scope mounted rear receiver covers.............the work I described above is for the mount found in the package deal listed above. Like I said, this mount is milled from solid steel and is very strong.

Sorry no camera to take photos

Link Posted: 4/6/2006 3:11:26 PM EDT
I got that. The first time you take it off to clean the rifle, it will no longer be zeroed. It's a nice little set-up, but a PITA. Good luck.
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