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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 8/14/2005 11:50:34 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 8/14/2005 11:51:12 AM EDT by Swindle1984]
We weren't expecting a pig in the trap, so we held off shooting until after we checked the trap. Well, we got there and the dog tore off into the brush barking his fool head off. Yep, we had a pig.

Stupid dog was darn freaking lucky that the 150+ lb. pig had its head stuck between the bars of the trap; he went in after the thing and started biting it on the ass. Literally. Pig got pissed off and was coming OUT. Idiot dog wouldn't come when we called it and the pig was working its way loose so my dad pulled his .45 and got a lung shot. That just pissed the pig off even worse. My dad's second shot missed because he was trying not to hit the stupid dog.

The dog finally comes out of the cage (small enough to fit between the bars) and went around to the other side to bark at the pig, so I pulled my .357 and put a round in the pigs forehead. Blood came out its forehead and both ears but the bastard still kept thrashing around for about two minutes.

I'm amazed at myself. I couldn't hit the biggest target on our plinker ONCE with the .357. Not even once. But this big-ass pig tearing its way out of the trap got a bullet exactly where I wanted it to go. Note to self: stop trying to aim a revolver with crappy fixed sights and just point and shoot; it's much easier and apparently it works.

It took us about twenty minutes of hard work to get the pigs head out; it had nearly come loose when I shot it and in its thrashing it wedged itself back in. Then we hooked it up to the bike and dragged it about two hundred feet to the butchering tree. Meanwhile, the dog chased the pig and bit it on the legs and ass about a dozen times apiece. It takes a special kind of talent to herd a dead animal.

Then we butchered the pig and had to shove the dog out of our way the entire time. He is definitely not coming up with us the next time; he has no concept of self-preservation or keeping his ass out of other people's business. The pig was difficult to butcher, more so than usual. Worse yet, we realized we had no ice on hand and that it was the hottest time of day, meaning a race to butcher it and get it cold before the meat spoiled. Exceedingly poor planning on our part.

We hurried to butcher it and ended up leaving a lot of the time-consuming meat behind for the scavengers. Felt bad about wasting it and decided that it was a good thing there weren't any indians in our area; they'd scalp us on general principal for leaving all that good meat behind.

We threw the meat into the ice chest, packed our stuff in the truck, and decided we should at least run one magazine through my new rifle before leaving.

We agreed that I would fire ten rounds, he would fire ten rounds, then I wanted to try bump-firing the rest of the magazine. I got to fire ten rounds, then he ended up dumping the entire magazine with this huge shit-eating grin on his face. I think I just infected my dad with Black Rifle Disease. Then we loaded the rifle into the truck, which took some effort since we didn't want the hot barrel touching anything, and headed out to get ice and drive home to finish processing the meat.

Over-all review of the gun: Exceeds the daily recommended allowance of awesome by 600%. Don't shoot it unless you've got all day to do so; magazines are like potato chips: you can't have just one.

I was surprised how little recoil there was. I guess the gas system and muzzle brake really work. Didn't have time to get the rifle sighted in. My dad blasted twenty rounds at a tree stump about thirty yards away and I doubt he hit it even once. Then again, he's got almost no vision in his right eye, is getting up there in age, and was going Machinegun Kelly with the WASR-10, so it's not surprising.

All in all, I CAN'T wait to take it out to shoot it again. Unfortunately, that's not going to be any time soon since I go back to school next Saturday. No guns on campus.

Edit: Maybe I shoulda posted this in GD since it's mostly off topic.
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