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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 9/10/2005 3:18:55 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 9/10/2005 3:19:33 PM EDT by Burninammo]
I am wanting to get a close copy of an AK and don't want to pay Polytech prices. I have found a Gordon Tech built on a Hungarian kit. Anyfeed back on these rifles? I noticed the sling swivel is on the stock and not on the receiver. Is that normal for the Hungarians or just a later make of the AK? Seems like a close copy of a milled AK without breaking the bank. Are these good shooters? Thanks for any help.
Link Posted: 9/10/2005 3:20:59 PM EDT
Link Posted: 9/10/2005 3:31:19 PM EDT
I had a G Tech SLR100H and sold it,I've regretted it ever since.Mine had deep rifling but the bore was dark,it was still the most accurate and smoothest operating AK I've ever had.If you decide to pass,let me know,I'm interested.
Link Posted: 9/10/2005 3:50:49 PM EDT
I have owned several ... all top notch super slick accurate weapons , just bought another off of a board member here last week .
As Templar stated .. Check The Bore some were rough
Link Posted: 9/10/2005 5:34:00 PM EDT
Thanks for the help fellas. So these rifles would be an accurate early milled AK clone? I am looking for something that would be accurate for the Vietnam era. I know almost all were Chinese but I can't pay that Legend price and thought this would be a good alternative. From your alls comments they are very well built to boot.
Link Posted: 9/10/2005 7:43:48 PM EDT
Link Posted: 9/10/2005 8:31:25 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 9/10/2005 8:35:02 PM EDT by Kyarguy]
Here is a pic of my SLR -100H.

I wish i still had the before pics of this gun. Probably one of the most hideous AK's i have ever seen.
Ugly green park receiver, BLONDE badly fitted stock set. It was plain ugly. Pinned on brake.
Receiver is redone in black Lauer Duracoat, Front handguards are modified from a SAR-1.
Special thanks to JOHNO for the buttstock on this one. Action is smooth as silk.
Possibly the best $300 i ever spent on an AK...

Link Posted: 9/10/2005 9:22:27 PM EDT
You're quite welcome KyArGuy,it turned out beautiful!
Link Posted: 9/10/2005 9:33:08 PM EDT

Originally Posted By JOHNO:
You're quite welcome KyArGuy,it turned out beautiful!

Yes it did. I am quite happy with it. I bought it sight unseen. Man it was ugly.
But i knew it could be put back to its true form. Id still love to find a bayonet lug for it.
It will do as it for now.

Link Posted: 9/10/2005 9:38:06 PM EDT
K-Var has type III FSBs,it takes the one with two small hooks and uses the straight type III bayonet.
Link Posted: 9/11/2005 4:42:49 AM EDT
Hungarian Type III AK-47's were similar to the Soviet Type III in that the rear sling swivel was affixed
through a slot in the left, rear side of the receiver.

In building those SLR-100H's, they were either unable to get the proper sling swivels or unwilling to slot the Bulgarian receivers.

Here's one of my Hungarian Type III kits (bottom of buttstock circled)-

Link Posted: 9/11/2005 4:46:47 AM EDT

Here's an SLR-100H (not mine).

I don't know if they inlet an original Hungarian buttstock or it's something else(?).

Link Posted: 9/11/2005 9:18:55 AM EDT
Thanks Richard.
So if it were you, would you go with a Russian kit ( I have a very good type III) built on a Firing Line or the SLR 100? I would save about $200.00 going with the Gordon Tech and I like having a Bulgarian receiver. Thanks again.
Link Posted: 9/11/2005 9:39:49 AM EDT
Definitely, I'd go with the SLR-100H. That Bulgarian receiver is beautiful and you'll save some dough.

I'm saving my milled kit for one.

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