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Posted: 9/21/2004 6:37:09 PM EDT
Just got my "final" shipment of mags in from InterOrdnance, thought I'd let you guys in on a special they're having.

Typically, for a battle rifle or carbine, I prefer to take 50 high-caps and cache them, with double the amount they'll hold worth of ammo. These Winger steel mags "MADE IN GERMANY" are just the ticket in my opinion.

When I got my Romanian in 223, it came with a synthetic mag, and three of these Wingers, slightly rusted. That's OK, I need some mags to abuse, and these came with an excuse to abuse them. But I decided that I liked the metal ones more than the synthetics.

I purchased 11 more from AIM, thinking that if they were good, I'd just get some more. The ones from AIM came 5 to a pack, sealed in a heavy clear plastic wrapper, with some kind of rust resistant (I'm guessing here) paper between the mags. Looked good, but when I called back to get more, they were out completely.

InterOrdnance has these for something like $15 each, so I ordered 40 of them (what I could afford at the time, hoping they were the same as the ones from AIM). There was a SLIGHT difference in the mag catch at the rear, but otherwise, they're identical.

Now InterOrdnance is selling a "kit"; one cleaning kit in a cloth roll, which appears to be new. One sling, kind of a blue-grey, appears to be new. One magazine pouch that holds 4 mags, and the condition on those ranges anywhere from used but not tore-up, to new. And the four mags, in the same heavy wrap as the ones from AIM, but 4 to a pack instead of 5. Four of those sets, with shipping (screw fedex, they're a bunch of losers) came to $253.45, or an average of $15.84 per mag, with goodies thrown in for free.

I'll keep the pouches for eval, along with the AIM purchased mags, but I feel that some custom mag pouches are going to be the order of the day.


Link Posted: 9/22/2004 8:27:21 PM EDT
Page AK-47 » Russian
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