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Posted: 1/9/2004 11:34:44 AM EDT
Howdy everyone,

I'm slowly but surely building an AK and I have a few questions.

1) I really like the Galil bolt carrier and how it sticks up a bit so you can manipulate it easily with the left hand. Will this fit on an AK?

2) I don't really like the sights on the AK.
a) Can I add a Krinkov receiver cover (http://www.k-var.com/subcatmfgprod.asp?0=216&1=265&2=-1&6=1) or will the existing rear sight get in the way? Or the Galil receiver cover, will it work?
b) How well does the Mojo sight work? It just replaces the existing rear sight, right? (http://www.midwayusa.com/rewriteaproduct/980959)
c) I see that ACE had a replacement for the rear sight that was part M16 peep sight and part scope mount. http:// www.riflestocks.com/ak.html Anyone have any experiance with this?
d) I see that Krebs has an M16 type rear sight that I think mounts to the receiver cover. (http://www.krebscustom.com/NewPeep.jpg) Does this work well?


Link Posted: 1/11/2004 4:06:45 AM EDT
Link Posted: 1/11/2004 6:30:16 AM EDT
Thanks CampyBob!

I'll be on the look out for a Galil receiver cover and bolt carrier. In the meantime, a buddy just ordered a mojo sight for his K31, so I piggy backed a AK sight on his order. We'll see how that works out.


Link Posted: 1/12/2004 4:21:08 AM EDT
Link Posted: 8/30/2004 4:51:28 PM EDT
Just some follow up. (sorry it's a bit late)

Got a Galil bolt carrier from Botach. Put a US made gas piston on it, works like a champ, no fitting problems, other than the upward end of the handle is too close to the existing rear sight and my hand gets caught. If the rear site and base were gone, it'd be great. So it's been put in the parts box.

Also picked up a Galil receiver cover with rear sight from Hesse. I do not know if it was made by Hesse or is IMI. It does not fit my Hungarian stamped AK receiver. It does not look like it would fit my stamped Norinco either, but not too sure as the rear sight on the galil cover hits the side mounted MMC scope mount on the norinco.

Ended up putting the Mojo sight on and it works well. Also installed an ACE stock and a Galil pistol grip.

Now I just need to find good handguards and I'll be set.

And maybe a Unimak scope mount and an Aimpoint and a .....



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