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Posted: 6/8/2003 2:03:51 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 6/10/2003 8:58:12 AM EDT by 00_buckshot]
I got to take my SSR-56 out to the range today for the initial de-flowering. My first impressions with it were great. It felt good in my hands and it was hitting very close to point of aim at 100 yds. It fed the first (4) thirty round mags flawlessly without a single problem. I was shooting Barnaul FMJ for what it's worth. I put the rifle down for about an hour to let it cool and took out the AR just to do a little comparision after firing 120 rnds of 7.62. The AR is still my favorite without a doubt. Feels like an extension of my body with all the controls placed in exactly the right areas. After I was done with it I loaded up (2) more 30 rounders for the AK and began to blast away. By the way I hate the sights on the AK. That rear sight just becomes to blurry to me and after a while it's hard to tell if they are lined up right. I need to do something about them. Would it be possible to mount a scope rail on a stamped receiver and put an Aimpoint or something on it? I would only be interested in this option if it was a good solid mount and setup. Anyways, about half way through the first mag I get a fail to feed. It appears that the round took a nose dive in the magazine when the bolt tried to strip it and caused the bolt/carrier to lock-up. I simply pulled the charging handle all the way to the rear and it rechambered it fine. About 5 rounds later the exact thing happened again. WTF! I thought this was an AK! Once again I pulled the charging handle all the way to the rear and it rechambered and finished of the rest of the mag without a problem. So I then proceed to load and shoot the second mag and about half way through it I get another fail to feed. Now I'm really bummed. This time the round was half way chambered but for some reason the bolt didn't have enough momentum to completely strip it and chamber it. I removed the mag and dropped the round out. The round was damaged enough I decided not to try to re-use it. So, what the hell is going on here guys? I think maybe it's a mag issue and not the rifle. 197 of the 200 rounds I put through it were flawless. Two of my mags are Norincos; which I hate. One of them I can't even use because there is so much side-to-side wobble when I insert it. Way out of spec! The other two are Bulgarian steel mags with the powder coating. The nose dives happened in the Norinco mag and the half-feed happened in one of the Bulgarians. Should I be worried? What mags do you guys suggest I invest in? Is there anything I can do to make these mags feed more reliably? I bought these mags from CDNN and probably won't give them anymore of my business. They fucked me on some AR mags one time. Are the Polish steels any good? How about the Soviet Bloc ones? Does anybody see this as being a problem with the rifle itself? Thanks for your input. I appreciate the help.


Link Posted: 6/8/2003 3:59:12 AM EDT
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