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Posted: 9/29/2004 7:41:05 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 9/30/2004 5:48:14 AM EDT by BlackRifleJihad]
I saved enough money to send my galil kit in!!!

Here is the story. Well one rainy Washington day about 18 months ago I found an awesome deal while surfing around. A post ban IMI galil Sporter reciever, new AR parts kit w/ ARM FSB, 4 50rd and 5 35 rd mags. I couldn't pass it up since I got turned on to the galil series of rifles and pre-bans were out of my price range. I sold a few things to get the cash and got the parts. I did some research on builders and ended up picking Jayson at Investment Grade Firearms (IGF). He had very competitive pricing and had good reviews from the site. I told him I would be about a month away from sending it in and we had a deal. Well all of a sudden life happened, moved a few times, got hitched, bought a house and car. You know the little things in life. I never forgot about her though, I'd even assemble the parts as much as I could and just dream. After things got settled down a bit and I had a few extra green backs (I say again...few) I emailed Jayson and he said he was about to start a batch of galils and I should send mine in. So I did. That was Sept 5. and with the upcoming ban I found it almost perfect. He actually had it almost done by the 13th and I told him to wait to see if the ban did the whole sunset thing. Well not to my suprise it did and I kept all the "evil" galil features. Shipped it back to me and I got it today. Very quick turn around, friendly emails, competetive prices, and most of all a SWEET BUILD! It is everything I thought it would be (need to shoot it tomorrow though). If anyone is looking to do a galil, AK, HK build. Jayson at IGF is the man!

My SAR/AR Galil

My intent was to have it look as close to a SAR/AR as possible without buying a SAR parts kit and this is what I came up with.

- Shorten the barrel w/ flash suppressor to 16.01"
- Built on an IMI Galil Sporter reciever and new AR/ARM parts kit
- Original MR Birdcage flash hider
- New style folding stock with rubber butt plate
- Park job

Thanks templar for hosting my pics!

Take care all


Link Posted: 9/29/2004 8:01:42 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 9/29/2004 8:02:47 PM EDT by Templar]
Link Posted: 9/29/2004 8:24:28 PM EDT
Email Sent!


Link Posted: 9/29/2004 10:03:24 PM EDT
Link Posted: 9/30/2004 5:07:11 PM EDT
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