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Posted: 10/11/2004 12:09:53 PM EST
[Last Edit: 10/11/2004 12:13:23 PM EST by hard]
I just found this for $315.00 new. What type of AK is it, is it reliable? I want to put a folder on it, would I have to change a bunch of things or is this AK good to go? If I need to change things what would be the easiest things to do? THANK YOUhttp://nas1.gbhinc.com/pixhost/2004-05-23/THEGUNRACK_1085421367_ak_47_001.jpg



Link Posted: 10/11/2004 12:17:09 PM EST
Looks like a Wasr-10 converted to high cap, that's about all I can tell you, I don't know much else...

Link Posted: 10/11/2004 12:17:23 PM EST
looks like a WASR10 to me
Link Posted: 10/11/2004 12:17:46 PM EST
probably a WASR-10

(no dimple on mag well)

its a cheap romanian low cap AK clone converted to high cap
Link Posted: 10/11/2004 12:19:03 PM EST
for $315, throw a romanian sidefolder on it, throw it in the trunk of your car and you're good to go.
Link Posted: 10/11/2004 12:29:24 PM EST
Thank you all very much, sold!
Link Posted: 10/11/2004 1:01:12 PM EST
www.gunsnet.net/Linx310/index.shtml has some great info on all the romanian ak's. good site you should check out if you intended to change anything on it.
Link Posted: 10/11/2004 3:41:03 PM EST
[Last Edit: 10/11/2004 3:41:56 PM EST by hard]
Will this folder fit? It says it will fit on all stamped receiver AK

Link Posted: 10/11/2004 3:47:26 PM EST
Yup, that's the Romanian side folder. It'll bolt right up to the WASR.
Link Posted: 10/11/2004 3:54:10 PM EST
Link Posted: 10/11/2004 4:02:15 PM EST
[Last Edit: 10/11/2004 4:05:35 PM EST by hard]
Thanks alot guys, so let me get this straight, as is I dont need to change anything and I am legal for the folder?

P.S. I got an AK!
Link Posted: 10/11/2004 4:24:27 PM EST
Remove wood stock.
Install folding stock.
Perfectly legal.
Link Posted: 10/11/2004 4:29:03 PM EST
I will tell ya I gotta take a look at the WASR, anybody have any problems with magazines?
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